The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken review

I had high expectations for this book. It had a lot of the elements I usually look for in a book; childhood friends, childhood crushes, best friends turned lovers, a selfish millionaire, close family ties, family friends, and a meddling grandmother.



The story was told from three people’s views: Jake’s, Travis’, and Kacey’s. Usually with several points of views, it would become confusing, but in this case, I’m glad to have read Jake’s perspectives on a few things. I only wish his had revealed more of who he was rather than him just being a “heartless millionaire”, a playboy, and an ass. Still, I really liked Jake’s character and I am looking forward to how or if he will change in “The Wager”.

I’m not sure how I feel about Kacey though. She was ‘sort of’ a pushover’ if Jake’s involved for mostly agreeing to whatever he said when she didn’t really want to. I am just glad the book didn’t go into detail what happened when they were in a relationship when they were in high school and in college. From what little was shared from their relationship, I could fairly say it was a mess and I am grateful to be spared from what an emotional roller coaster that might have been.

 “Because of you, Kace. Everything I do, everything I’ve done in my life, it’s all because f you.”

 “Where have you been all my life?” she said, watery-eyed.

“Home,” Travis answered a note of seriousness in his voice. “I’ve been home, waiting for you.”

             Travis was a gem. His love for Kacey (I don’t even think she deserves it or him for that matter) through the years didn’t waver. He pined for her for years and waited for her.  For all the things he did for her to notice him, it’s just a shame Kacey didn’t see it sooner.

           In a way, the characters were a bit childish, what with climbing through the tree-house at their age and having spontaneous food fights. Their immature ways would make you laugh-out-loud though, and will make you revisit your childhood memories.

             The book was great but there were some things I think could have made it even better. I wouldn’t have minded to read the grandmother’s thoughts of things too. How she set everything up and how meddlesome she really got.  I also think their parents were not given much credit, I am still wondering if they were in on it in the first place or not, or they were just so dense they couldn’t see the ruse. And it would have been more interesting if Jake fought for Kacey too, or a chapter for when and how he concluded to finally help Kacey and Travis get together in the end.

             The Bet is one of those ultimate feel-good books. It’s fast-paced, entertaining and will make you nostalgic.


4 stars

4 stars

😉 pj 😉

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