Fallen Too Far By Abbi Glines Book Review

My truck door was suddenly jerked open. On instinct, I reached under the seat and grabbed my nine-millimeter. I swung it up and directly at the intruder, holding it with both hands ready to pull back on the trigger. 

Page 1 gives you the impression that our leading lady here is one tough girl. One who knows how to surprise an intruder with a gun and hold it steady aiming at his head, ready to pull the trigger. Will this impression last down to the last page?

Our heroine Blaire is nothing like the famous Queen B. At 19, her worries do not include shopping, gossiping, and dating guys. She worried about having a job, saving money for an apartment, and finally getting rid of her estranged father forever. She was full of battle scars and at a young age, she already has no one to depend on except herself.

A girl in nothing but her bra and panties was snuggling up to Rush’s side and running a long pink fingernail down his chest. I couldn’t blame her for wanting to touch that. I was pretty tempted myself. “It’s time for you to go,” he replied taking her hand off his chest and stepping away from her. I watched as he pointed in the direction of the front door. “What?” she replied. The confused expression on her face said she hadn’t been expecting this. “You got what you came here for, babe. You wanted me between your legs. You got it. Now I’m done.”

And there, ladies and gentlemen, is our noble stud, Rush. A total jerk, you may say. A certified casanova who forces women out his door the morning after they cry of joy in unison the night before. Will he be the usual novel character who completely turns his table around for love or

Rush: “I don’t like your father. He’s a mooch. My mother always tends to find men like him. It’s her talent. But I’m thinking you may already know this about him. Which makes me curious, why did you come to him for help if you knew what he was like?”

Blaire: “My mother just passed away. She had cancer. Three years’ worth of treatments add up. The only thing we owned was the house my grandmother left us. I had to sell the house everything else to pay off all my mother’s medical bills. I haven’t seen my dad since he walked out on us five years ago. But he’s the only family I have left. I had no one else to ask for help.”

Our leads found themselves locked up in this complex situation. It’s such a pity that they themselves are two convoluted individuals. The story keeps us wishing that they can free themselves from the tangles that brought them together since the beginning.

Nothing is more excruciating than knowing that you have to resist loving a person not because it’s unrequited but because the conventional world wouldn’t permit it.

I feel like the love has no concrete reason except that Blaire and Rush were pulled towards each other by inevitable forces – physical attraction and their challenging familial situation.

Blaire is a strong woman, we get that. She conquered her life battles alone but actually, she had no choice but to pick herself up. To be honest, I don’t know if she really loved Rush. Maybe she developed a love for challenges and mistook it for love. Because Rush… he is a predator that’s hard to tame. But each person has a weak point and a man always comes to a point that he gets tired of his vices. Rush might have perceived Blaire as an instrument to redeem himself. Blaire’s innocence was only masked with all that she has gone through but the truth is, she’s only a 19 year-old young lady who still has so much to learn about the twists in life.

These two young people were trapped. In lust, in life, in love. they were rushed. Nevertheless, this is only part one of three. The book left us hanging. That’s why I only give it three stars though I really liked it. I always love everything that I read, just so you know. Let’s see where the rest of the trilogy takes me.

3 star

❤ ao ❤


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