Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter Review

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy is a continuation of the story of the Gallagher girls. I still get to meet Cammie, Bex, Liz, and Macey plus there are also new and intriguing characters.

This semester, Cammie promised her mom that there would be no sneaking around and will just try to be herself. But just as she and her friends were coming back from a long vacation, she overheard her mom and Mr. Solomon discuss about something which might have involved the word, “Blackthorn”. And because they were trained to become future spies, I think you already know what they’ll do next. Yep, breaking the rules is definitely their game because they are going to conduct their second Operative Surveillance.

As they were working to find out about the mysterious Blackthorne, she’ll be conflicted with trying to help her friends and betraying her mother’s trust towards her. She’ll find out how much her mother really loves her and she’ll also discover certain secrets about her father.

Since Bex and Cammie have decided to choose Covert Operations as their future assignation, they are still under Mr. Solomon. And one of their practical applications is the countersurveillance. If Cammie, the pavement artist, can easily hide when she’s conducting surveillance, will she succeed to hide from being tailed? Thus the countersurveillance.

Because she’s reeling over Josh, and with had happened last semester, she has a difficulty trusting other people. And as a spy, trust is a very important factor in being a spy, because it can make or break an operation.

Little did she know that part of their practical exam is building trust towards their partners and being able to work with the group, and the students from Blackthorn Institute are just the right people to do the job. In case you’re wondering, Blackthorne is a school that trains boys to be future spies. Yep, it is not a rumor. It’s actually true.

Enter Zach. A Blackthorne student who bested Cammie because he was able to tail her, which in turn, infuriated Cammie because no one notices a pavement artist. Will they be able to succeed in their practical exam? Will she learn to trust Zach? Will she get over her Josh? Will she give in to what she’s feeling for Zach?

Overall, this book is as good as the first one. The author managed to sustain the mood of the story. I’m figuring out where this story might lead. I love how she builds up the characters and I think, I’m loving Mr. Solomon more. I love his exams. I like his method of teaching. I love how he incorporated his previous experiences in the field when he’s teaching his students. I hope the next books will also highlight the other characters involved in this book.

5 stars


5 Stars

🙂 written by: Milka 🙂

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