Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren Quotes

He’s the guy who’ll do a ridiculous robot dance to make you laugh, who’ll lick the tip of your nose, make a fool out of himself for a smile. I’m sure if I tried to wrestle him to the ground, he’d let me win. And enjoy every minute

“My last name is Guillaume. My father is French. My mother is American.”

“Gee what?” I repeat, floundering with the accent. “I wouldn’t even know how to spell that.” I frown, rolling the word around in my head a few times. “In fact, I’m not even sure what letter it begins with.”

“You’ll need to learn to spell it,” he says, dimple flashing. “You’ll have to sign your new name on your bank checks, after all.”

“You’re having an instalove moment. It’s freaking me out. Are your panties still under there?”

“Oh stop,” I tell her, irritation rising. “I didn’t go into his room. I didn’t take the generous stranger’s candy even though I really wanted to because hello, look at him,” I add, just daring her to freak out even more. “You should see him with his shirt off.”

Ansel rocks on his heels, sipping his drink. “Please continue as if I’m not here. This is fantastic.”

“They’re not just lips. And please, you wear red lipstick so that men won’t notice your mouth? Surely you know what we dream about a mouth like that doing.”

… I told myself it was okay to mourn things I’d lost but it was time to move on.

“I want to love all of my life as much as I love this night.”

What we know is dimly lit bars, playful banter, the clean crisp sheets of hotel rooms. What we know is the unrequited possibility, the temptation of the idea. The make-believe. The adventure.

But when you choose the adventure, it becomes real life.

“It’s easy to do, harder to follow through.”

“You give me your soul, and I make your problems go away.”

“When you look the way you do, I don’t think I have much use for a soul. It’s yours.”

He knew his life didn’t have space for this but it didn’t matter. He was trying to save me first.

“I’m so sorry, Mia.” His eyes search mine. “I knew I would be busy, what was I thinking? But you’re here and I’m wild for you. How can I regret it?”

“What you feel, Cerise? I feel it, too. Fuck, Mia, I feel everything for you.”


“Just because you can’t dance professionally doesn’t mean you have to stop dancing for a living. Find the spot in the distance and don’t look away, isn’t that what you told those girls? What is your ‘spot’? Finding a way to keep dance in your life?”


It is possible to fall that fast.


“I wasn’t looking for anything, Mia, but that’s why I trust what I feel for you. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever known.”


“Do you ever feel like your heart is twisted inside your chest, and somebody has their fist wrapped around it, squeezing?”

This isn’t never. It’s just not now.

“Life is built of these little horrible moments and the giant expanses of awesome in between.”


The problem with being in the eye of the storm if you have no sense of how big it really is.


“Love is fucking hard to find, Mia. Don’t waste it because of some stupid lines on a map.”


“I hate killing spiders, because they’re amazing, but I’ll do it for you if you’re afraid of them.”



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