A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers review

Trent Sorenson, Lexie Banks, Alessandro Moretti Lexie Banks is a brilliant teenager who is so much interested with arts. She loves to visit places that gives her an eyeful of art master pieces. So when she was accepted for an application she applied that would give her an opportunity to live in Rome for a year, she eagerly accepted it. There are two people who influenced her the most. Her father and her stepmother who are also fans of arts. She has a very hot stepbrother whom she loves so much and she considers as bestfriend. She can confide anything (things she won’t even tell her best friends) to him.

Trent Sorenson. The hot stepbrother who has a hot motorcycle ride. He may not be into arts but he’s into music. From the moment he learned how to play guitar, he knows that’s what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He also composes songs. He adores her stepsister and he’s always protective of her. They always talk to each other and even sleeps together when they one of them has problems. He is also a wrestler in their school but he only does it for his stepfather. But on Lexie’s last night before she travels to Rome, their hidden feelings came to life the when Trent consoled Lexie and somehow they ended up kissing each other. Until one thing led to another that will ultimately change everything. Will they be courageous enough to admit their feelings for each other or will they forget that everything that happened and continue being each other’s bestfriend? Will the awkwardness be gone or will this put a strain towards their relationship and decide that it will be better if they started seeing other people?

Lexie went to Rome and managed to enjoy the eye candy structures and different masterpieces from known artists that Rome offered. But in the recess of her mind, Trent is still there. Though they wanted to admit their feelings towards each other, they were afraid of how people might react to them, especially their parents. They do not want to disappoint them and because they were brought up Catholic, Lexie cannot erase the guilt over what they have done.

Her confession in Rome, brought her to Reverend Alessando Moretti. A hot priest who is only months away from being ordained. He thinks, his becoming a priest would be enough penance over what he has done when he was a teenager. As he gets to know Lexie, he began to feel things he hasn’t felt in a long while. He began to question God. And every time he prays for Lord’s guidance, it was always Lexie’s face that he sees when he closes his eyes. And before he can even stop himself, he already made a move to let Lexie know how he feels.

But can Lexie’s conscience accept that he’s willing to give up his ordination for her knowing that he’s going to be a priest? Does she really love him or is she channeling her love for Trent to him? Will she have the confidence to tell Trent what she truly feel not knowing if Trent still feel the same for her? Is she ready to lose one of her best friends, Sam, who has fallen in love with Trent?

Although it was a little bit awkward of a step brother and a step sister who fall in love with each other, I think A Little Too Far is a really good book. Yes, it was sexy, sweet, and fun. But other than that, it deals with a moral dilemma that not all of the people see as acceptable in the society. It shows how the lead characters dealt with it and how they fought for each other knowing that they will be getting a lot of crap from the judgmental people.


5 stars


5 stars

🙂written by: Milka 🙂

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