Hopeful by Louise Bay Quotes

Men compartmentalize these things in a way I don’t think women can. Men can say, ‘We’ve split up, life moves on, I’ll find someone else,’ and then never think about that person again. Women, I think, bruise more deeply, love longer.”


“I am not a lesbian, I am not a work-obsessed crazy person, and I’m not simply frigid. I’m just … I’ve just been in love with the same man for the last decade. And because I know I’ll love him for the rest of my life, there has been no point in looking elsewhere.”


“There will never be anyone else for me. I know that’s true. He’s it. The one. The love of my life. The thing some of you will never be lucky enough to find. He always has been and always will be my thunderbolt.” 


“I love him as much now as I did on our first date, when he cooked me chicken and refused to have sex with me because he wanted me to be ready for him. I love him as much now as I did a week ago when he walked away from me and told me to get my head together.”


“What I’ve failed to realize, until now, is that I’ve always been ready for him. I just haven’t understood that until now. I hadn’t realized that nothing else mattered to me. I would give everything and anything up for him. I don’t need my job, I don’t need the approval of my friends, of my parents. I don’t need anyone else to tell me it’s ok. I just need him.”


“And I’m afraid I might have lost him again. I’ve pushed him away, trying to make everything perfect, trying to keep everyone happy, trying to keep everything in control. I’ve caused nothing but hurt by being so scared. I’ve hurt you, my closest friends, by keeping something so important to me so secret. I’ve hurt myself by denying myself the love of my life. And worst of all, I’ve hurt you, Joel. I’m so sorry. I didn’t understand that if I didn’t have enough faith in myself it didn’t matter. You had enough for both of us.”


“I know I’ve been scared and selfish and weak, and it’s one of a hundred reasons why I don’t deserve you. But if there’s even a glimmer of hope that I might persuade you that you’re my thunderbolt, then I have to try. Because I need you. More than anything, I want you. I love you. For infinity.”



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