Hopeful by Louise Bay review

Oh My G! I think I got so lucky this week. Because all the books I’ve read so far managed to get3-5 star reviews from me. Surprisingly, most of the books I’ve reviewed got a 5! Hopeful isn’t an exception.

 Hopeful contains contain chapters including the epilogue. It was told in the POV of Ava Elliot and it alternates between the Present and the Past. I loved how the story was told because it kept me at a pace which left me torn as to what I should do? I wanted to just skip the other chapters just to see if my suspicions are accurate and at the same time, I wanted to just keep up with the pace and just see where it takes me. I’m so glad I chose the latter. Because the wait was worth it. I enjoyed the not-knowing part because it kept me wanting for more.

 Ava Elliot is a college student who is studying to be a lawyer. She was surrounded by her gang of friends – Adam, Jules, Daniel, Matt and Hanna. She was always the responsible one. And even though everyone sees what a catch she was, she doesn’t truly believe it. She feels like she lacks something. She felt pressured by the expectation of her parents for her. She knows that they worked hard so that she could attend university so she feels like she has to do her best and study hard so that she won’t disappoint them.

 Joel Wentworth. He’s an Economics student. Everyone falls at his feet. Everywhere he goes, people stop by to talk to him. He came from an affluent family. It seems like he has everything. That he can attain anything easily without exerting any effort. Well, that’s how Ava sees it.

 Ava and the Gang +Joel. They were a pretty close knit who have known each other since they started the Uni. So Joel, being a friend of Adam, was introduce to them. He kind of felt left off and he felt awkward mingling with them at first. So he just watched from the outside, and there’s this one girl who caught his attention. And Ava being Ava, didn’t have any clue.

 The Library. I love how the author took full advantage of the library. I’ve been hoping that I’ll find my Mr. Right inside a library. Joel saw an opportunity to get close with her when they had a chance encounter in the library. Without her friends, she was able to see through Joel – that he also works hard like everybody else. It became their little secret. They began to see each other, but they downplay it when they were with their friends. Day by day, they started to fall just an inch deeper. They were living in their own bubble world without anyone staring at them like they were an odd pair, without anyone giving their judgment. They became a couple when they were in the library. And because Ava didn’t want to burst their happy bubble, they didn’t mention just how serious they were with the gang. But with the university graduation fast approaching, will they survive the pressure? Do their future plans include each other? What were they willing to risk to be with each other?

 You go with me or else…. Their love was real. But I just think, they had different plans back then. They were both fresh out of college. So much in love with each other. A bright future ahead. The sad part is, they met at the wrong time. Ava was at this place where she cares about the people’s judgment. She cares about her parents’ approval. With their unending support just to send her to school, disappointment wasn’t a question. She wanted to make them proud. Her dreams are at stake. Joel, on the other hand, had it easier. He doesn’t have anyone to answer to except Ava. His parents support him. And when he received his acceptance for work, he asked Ava to postpone her schooling so she could go with her. That was the breaking point. As much as I want to upset by her decision to continue to law school, I understand her. I just hate how Joel let her choose between him and her family. That is just FOUL! And I hated him for that. That was selfish. If he truly loved her, he shouldn’t have pressured her to go with him. He’s busy chasing his dream and he wants his girl to shelve her dreams just so he can have her support? WTH?! Really? So what did he do? He pursued his dream, leaving Ava alone and heartbroken – wallowing in self-pity, because he can’t do the LDR thing? That’s some twisted logic.

 8 years later. Ava is still in misery – not completely mended. She occupied herself with work. No social activity other than her outings with her friends. She was constantly paired up with every single men Jules know. She was the most likely to end up a spinster. Adam teased her of being a lesbian. What they didn’t know was she was still trying to pick up the pieces of her heart. Every time he comes to London, she stay out of town not wanting to be in direct contact with him. And now, he’s coming back and he’s staying for good. Will her heart endure it? Or is this the chance she needed to have some closure and move on?

 “There will never be anyone else for me. I know that’s true. He’s it. The one. The love of my life. The thing some of you will never be lucky enough to find. He always has been and always will be my thunderbolt.”

 “I know I’ve been scared and selfish and weak, and it’s one of a hundred reasons why I don’t deserve you. But if there’s even a glimmer of hope that I might persuade you that you’re my thunderbolt, then I have to try. Because I need you. More than anything, I want you. I love you. For infinity.”

Hopeful. And although Ava wanted closure, her heart begs for more. She was hopeful that what they had 8 years ago was real and that they can withstand emotional overload they feel when their together. I’m proud of Ava for enduring 8 years’ worth of pain, of punishment, and still being hopeful the infinity Joel promised her. I was just hoping for a more remorseful Joel, because honestly, he waited 8 years just to see her again? Man. That was just stupid. I love how Ava acknowledged all her faults, how she stood up to her friends, how she asserted her real feelings for Joel. I’m so proud of her because she was able to overcome all her insecurities in life, she was able to forgive and accept Joel, and she was finally letting all her realizations, of what’s really important in her life, sink in. I’m so loving the new and improved Ava. Joel is so lucky to have her.

 Hopeful is a bittersweet story of a second-chance romance. A love that withstood the test of time. Truly, if your love is meant to be, it really is. Problems may emerge and come between the two of you, but in the end, it will always be that love that will save you from wrecking your relationship. Love that lasts to infinity is truly worth waiting for. I’m in like with this book! I’m looking forward to more books from you, Miss Louise Bay!

5 stars

5 Stars

🙂 written by: Milka 🙂

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