Never Been Ready by J.L. Berg review

I thought When You’re Ready was an awesome book, but it doesn’t compare to Never Been Ready. It was more intense, sexier, hotter and a more emotional. I love everything about it especially the characters.

Leah Morgan. If you’ve read the first book in this series, you’ll remember her as Clare’s best friend. They have been friends since forever. She’s the feistier of the two. A godmother to Maddie. The happy-go-lucky nurse who loves to volunteer and offer free service to other people. She’s hot and she also have a potty mouth. Oh, I love her personality. We knew her as the cheerful best friend in the first book but she keeps a secret that had haunted her ever since she was a kid. She may have been seen as a strong individual but she still felt small when she’s with her father. She was a victim of abuse. She was left in her father’s care when her mother left her when she was a child. Deep inside, it did a number on her because she still questions herself when she remembers it. Was she a bad kid? Wasn’t she worth her mother’s love? What did she do?

Declan James. The hunky-licious (is that even a word? LOL!) Hollywood actor who is aspiring to be a Director. And since, they don’t seem to take him seriously so he doesn’t have any choice but to take down his ambition a notch and become an assistant director first. This gave him an opportunity to connect with his childhood friend, Logan. And in doing so, he met Leah.

It was only supposed to be one night, but with Leah in my arms…only forever would do.

Let’s just say that they made good use of their night together to know each other’s body. A night to enjoy each other. Little did they know, along with their night together, they both made an impression towards each other and they were imprinted in each other’s minds.

She had a rough upbringing. Growing up was no picnic for her. She might seem tough on the outside, but deep inside, she’s just as insecure and unstable as the rest of us. She hides it behind sweet talk and offhanded comments, but she just wants what we all do in life.”

“And what’s that?” I asked.

“To be loved. She gives her whole heart to everything she does and everyone she lets into her world. She’s the most selfless person I’ve ever met. If there is ever anything anyone needs, you can bet your ass, Leah is there, helping. But when she’s hurting, she retreats —”

“And says she’s fine as she pushes you out the door?” I finished his thought.

But it wasn’t a smooth road. With Declan and Leah being together, secrets will emerged. He will see a different side to Leah he hasn’t seen before. He will fall deeper. He will realize the gem he has in his hands and he will do everything in his power to make her his. Declan is adorable. He was portrayed as a player, but was a deep person. He has so much in him that people fail to notice because of his physical appearance. I love his sense of humor. They were so much alike. They both had a difficult childhood and as much as they want to hide it, it affected them deeply.

The Leah puzzle was a masterpiece that required expert-level skill. It was no wonder not a single person had attempted to solve it yet.

 I fell in love with the new and improved Declan. The after-Leah Declan. He was so much more than an eye candy. I love how he fought for Leah’s happiness, how he helped her cop up with her life questions, how he helped her achieve her wishes. I especially swooned when he drive her to a pine tree farm just to grant her wish for a Christmas tree. That was a sweet gesture. He was really in for the long ride. I’m glad it was Declan who figured the Leah Puzzle because as much as Leah needs it, Declan also deserves his HEA.

 “For your mom to come back?”

“No,” he answered, “I know that’s not going to happen.”

I was a little sad, but I was also proud of him for saying this. I was sad because he had to realize this at a young age, but I was so proud that he was finally able to come to terms with his mom’s death.

“Well then, what did you wish for, Little Man?” I asked, looking down at his eyes that perfectly matched mine.

“I wished for my dad.”

Words failed me. I forgot how to breathe.

He looked at that photo on the wall and then back at me. His eyes were so full of hope. “Declan, are you my dad?”

I just nodded and knelt down to catch him as he jumped into my arms. I held him tight, and tears stung my eyes as I finally was able to hold him as his father.


This passage was a really heartbreaking scene in this book that brought me to tears.  The part where he had a heart-to-heart talk with his long lost kid. My heart constricted with the emotions I felt for Connor. He think so old for his age. I was glad they were able to connect with each other again.

 “I’ve been doing some thinking, and I think I’ve come up with the best pet name for you.”

I meant to say something like, “Oh?” or “What is it?” But in the presence of Declan with his shirt open, displaying that new L on his chest, while he held out a ring, all I managed was a garbled mumble.



And of course, the best part was when he proposed. Urgh, talk about a panty-dropping, heart-melting proposal. When Declan wants something, he gets it. They had been playing this pet name thing, and Declan’s idea of incorporating this in his proposal was really sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! What made it better was that, it was like something out of the blue and kind of like a spur-of-the-moment thing.

 Sometimes, you just had to fuck the plans and live. Otherwise, life would pass you by, and all you’d be left with was a bunch of useless, unexecuted plans.

J.L. Berg has really upped her game. I love her series. It’s perhaps one of the best I’ve read this year, and Berg’s gonna be on my priority list from now on. I think I’m gonna read Ready For You next. I’m kind of curious as to what really happened between Garrett and Mia.

5 stars

5 stars

🙂 written by: Milka 🙂

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