One More Chance by Abbi Glines review

As cliffhangers go, Take a Chance was probably one of the worst I have ever encountered. It was devastating – not knowing what happened to them and how their story will end. So when I knew the book was in transit, I am sorry to say the courier encountered probably one of the most annoying person to ship to, and that would be me. 😀

“I was a bastard, a heartless bastard. I didn’t deserve her, but I wanted her more than I wanted to breathe.”

In Take a Chance, Grant was one of those favorite characters you will learn to hate after reading. I won’t dig deep about it again, but you can read about it here. And as much as Grant hurt Harlow in Take a Chance, I would say he made up for it too good in this book and I totally love Grant again.

Grant and Harlow’s story left me an emotional wreck the first time, and this time, they didn’t disappoint. As much as I would like to go into detail and spoil the hell out of you, I think it’s best if you read it yourself and enjoy the emotional roller-coaster it would provide. 🙂

“Sometimes people change when faced with situations that are life-threatening. You and your sister may not get along, but she didn’t want you to die. She was willing to help.”

The thing I would like to get off my chest though, is that Nan…. Nan wasn’t so bad in this book. Well, she just appears and disappears at some point unlike in Take a Chance that she was always there, but she did a good deed here and I think I forgive her now, especially when you get to read her thoughts about things. So that Nan book might not sound so bad after all…. I think. And would she end up with a new character that recently popped up? Major maybe? I mean, they aren’t related by blood right? So that is a possibility.

Also, Mase. OMFG. Mase should have a book too, or three! I don’t care. He deserves it. His character is different from those of Rush, Woods and Grant’s. He’s had a different upbringing which makes him interesting. Very very interesting.

“Life without the love of the woman who owns you makes it one empty fucking nightmare. Prepare yourself, because I’ve already lived this hell. I know what it’s like.”

And Kiro. He has been through a lot. Being a rock god and all, he has done things he regrets. But he is just another one of those with broken souls who loved too much. As twisted and messy as his life may be, Kiro wasn’t so bad in this book. I think most of the time he was just misunderstood. You can see that he loves his kids, else he wouldn’t have put up with Nan’s shit and bought a house for her to live in, nor would he rush to Harlow every time he misses her. Also, by teasing Mase and being hard on him, he just wants to have a relationship with him. I mean, he’s getting old, and his life hasn’t been that great aside from his celebrity persona – all that fame and fortune just don’t cut it. I wish he’d get maybe at least a chapter where he could end up happy too. He deserves it after years of taking care of the one he loves out of the public eye, and even going to great lengths as lying to Harlow about it. A love like that – that devotion that ended up so tragic and heartbreaking, needs at least a happy ending.

“You live your life never once thinking that when you walk away from a friend or loved one, you might never see him again.”

One More Chance is about love, forgiveness, second chances, taking risks, family, friendship, and the importance of life. And it is probably one of Ms. Abbi Glines’ best yet. I’m not sure about you, but I liked that the sex scenes in this book was toned down a bit and that it concentrated more on the depth of the story. I also liked that it is a book that has a lot of lessons in life and a lot of those inspiring quotes to boot.

“…when we want something badly enough, it’s worth taking all the risks and chances to get even a taste.”

5 stars

5 stars

😉 written by: hwangchinren 😉

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One Response to One More Chance by Abbi Glines review

  1. Abbi Glines has a thing for cliffhangers. I personally hate them, and yet I can’t stay away from her books!

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