Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick review

After plowing through Crescendo, you must think me mad to actually try to read another Fitzpatrick novel. Unfortunately, I already have the complete set, and wouldn’t that be kind of defeatist to stop reading a saga because I loved the first one and absolutely hated the second? Anyhow, allow me to continue.

It seems like Silence is Fitzpatrick’s way of apologizing for the sorry piece of teenage mush that was Crescendo. Unlike Crescendo, Silence actually has a plot: Nora was held hostage by Nephilims and her memory is wiped out, and for once in her life Nora does something instead of sitting in bed, whining about Patch: she’s out to get her memories back. Of course in this title Fitzpatrick ups her game by adding a more active and potent list of characters, namely Hank Millar, her biological father, her mother’s boyfriend, and also her kidnapper. A tough character to love, huh?

This is perhaps the first book in the series where Nora is actually a likeable character because she’s not just a pathetic heroine crying in bed and obsessing about men. She actually manages to retrieve her memories, sees Hank for who he truly is, and kills the Nephilim leader. Oops, that was a spoiler. Unfortunately, since she cleverly killed Hank, she’s now next in line to the Nephilim throne thanks to a blood transfusion that made Nora a purebred Nephilim. In the midst of this all, her Mom doesn’t know that Hank is anything but human, and that her boyfriend is trying to manipulate her daughter. Talk about being a bad parent.

Aside from Nora growing a backbone, I loved the pacing of Silence. It’s not as scattered and all over the place like Crescendo, as if Fitzpatrick decided that she’s going to stop beating behind the bush and actually give us the story we want to read about. Unfortunately, despite its huge improvement from Crescendo, Silence still lags behind the promise given by Hush Hush. I guess we’ll just have to read Finale to see if the story is worth four books.

3 star3 stars


🙂 written by: Ellie Peaches Pants:)


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