Like Gravity by Julie Johnson review

“There’s a song for every feeling. Every tear, every smile, every heartbreak and every victory. Music ignites the soul and strips us bare. It’s our very essence. Even if you have no one else to turn to and you feel all alone, remember that you can always find comfort in ballads and melodies, serenades and love songs. “


I was rummaging through my TBR books that are piles too many already, and after contemplating what to read out of all of them, I randomly picked this one up and read the synopsis at the back and the words “campus ladies‘ man” and “lead singer of a local band” sealed my choice for the evening. Who can refuse that?

After weeks of going through only the feel-good, light reads, I finally decided to dig in the piles of books I collected and I was so happy that I ended up choosing well. Like Gravity, as I’ve read at the “about the author” at the back of my book, was Ms. Julie Johnson’s first novel, and she totally rocked it!

I am not really big into those books that just by reading from the plot alone gives you an idea that it’s a warning or an omen of some kind, and the words “murder” and “grief” doesn’t help much with this book. And as much as I hate to read of so much misery and sadness within the hundreds of pages in the book – because one can only take on so much sorrow and heartbreak in one setting –  I am so glad I picked this one up and gave it a go.

“This song is dedicated to a friend I worried I’d lost for good. For a long time I thought it was impossible that this person might still exist out there, but I’m happy to say that sometimes we get second chances in this crazy life. Sometimes the things we lose are returned to us. Sometimes we’re lucky.”

Like Gravity was not what it seemed to be. I thought at first I would be reading a novel with a heroine with too many issues, wherein the hero would help her through with these issues, and they realize they care or fall in love with each other thus making “rock-star” like hero get scared and go back to his rock-star tendencies and in comes jealousy and the grovelling and all that. But I guess I was stereotyping cause I was wrong. So very wrong.

I wouldn’t want to spoil and go into detail about anything that happens in this book. however I totally recommend it. Because this book is a lot of things. It’s  full of angst, humor, sexual chemistry, nonstop banters, longing, even suspense and a lot more. From Bee’s misery, her grief, to her bitterness and sassy humor, counteracted by Finn’s easy-going nature, charming wit and relentless determination, you will find yourself loving each of these characters and their stories. You will find yourself absolutely in awe of such dedication and love that you cannot help thinking of fate and second chances.

“I’ve never felt anything like this before, and I know you feel it too. It’s undeniable – like a magnetic force. Like gravity. And it’s not something I can control, or change, or stop. It just is.” 

Within its name, “Like Gravity”, this book will pull you and suck you in. And as scared as I was to start this book hoping I wouldn’t be a mess afterwards, I felt like Goldilocks after going through the first few chapters. The book was just right (for me). Not too much (in a good way, I assure you), and not too little… it was just right. 🙂

5 stars5 stars

😉 written by: hwangchinren 😉

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