Confess by Colleen Hoover review

“Some secrets should never turn into confessions. I know that better than anyone.”


As any Colleen Hoover fan out there, I was so excited when these arrived at my doorstep, but then afraid to open it because I knew it would break my heart all over again. And I tell you, it didn’t disappoint. I was heartbroken, not even five minutes into the book and not even through the prologue yet.

I was contemplating on continuing reading cause some of the first words you’ll see are “Part One” and I was like, “does this end in a cliffhanger?” because I couldn’t take cliffhangers, especially if the release dates are so far apart. Lucky for all of us, it is a standalone. 🙂

“In order to be embarrassed, a person has to care about the opinions of others first.”

There are a lot of things I liked about this book.

First, the art. The art here are just lovely and to incorporate the art into the story and really show what it looked like brought in a lot more emotion and understanding of each of the confessions or inspiration behind them.

Surface friends” is what I call it. When your friendship is merely a facade and you’re enemies on the inside.

Then there were the confessions. The book said that all these confessions were real, and I couldn’t believe it at first, but when I think about all these confessions some more, I see why the need to use real confessions rather than make up some. It makes people connect more with the story and realistically, makes you feel that kind of “normalcy” that Auburn felt when she first read those. “If these are all true, then maybe my life isn’t quite as bad as I think it is.”

And then there are the characters and the witty banters. I had mixed emotions regarding Auburn. I don’t know if I like her that much cause I didn’t like how she did and thought about a few things, but I do know I wanted to throttle her for most part of the book. I mean, I get her situation and all, but couldn’t she think of a better solution, a more long-term one rather than succumbing to the demands of others all the time? I don’t like pushover characters, and for the most part, in this book, she was one. She also frustrated me to the point of taking breaks in between a few later chapters because she was indecisive and just seems to be settling in with what she had. 😦

“I think love is a hard word to define. You can love a lot of things about a person but still not love the whole person.

Owen. What can I say? He was a dream! I was bracing myself for that confession he was going to say, it turns out it wasn’t that big. That major secret I thought would blow my mind just earned him brownie points in my book. Really, he was just being this caring and helpful son and that doesn’t make his confession against him at all. And if the major secret is the one involved with Adam, I admit that was a total mind-fuck moment but in a really wonderful way. I really loved Owen, and the depth of how he cared about Auburn and his love for her and his family… *sigh*

Confession: I didn’t like Auburn that much (and this is probably the reason of the rating below) but Owen makes up for her character. I think the ending is not really an ending and I’d like to read maybe a novella of what happened to their relationship after all those issues cast aside. I’d like to think Trey would want revenge on both of them, and I would really like it if both Trey and his mother would pay for the years of mental abuse they did. 

“… but sometimes in order to save a relationship, you have to sacrifice it first.”

The concepts of family, love and most of all, fate. The concept of family was a tricky one. Here on one side, we see a sort of messed up group of people who thinks a lot of themselves and shows love only to their family by blood. On another side, we see Auburn who is less confident and is trying to go after the only family member she has in Texas because she left her siblings and her parents in another part of the country. And to the side, we see Owen struggling and basically doing everything he can to maintain a relationship with the only family member he has left. It’s mind boggling, ironic, and really sad.

“Selflessness. It should be the basis of every relationship. If a person truly cares about you, they’ll get more pleasure from the way they make you feel, rather than the way you make them feel.”

Love. As romantic stories go, this was mostly predictable. I did think of a few things the story could go over in my head while reading chapters and I am happy to say I did predict a few outcomes, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just maybe, I’m used to being surprised by this author that I didn’t see that coming. So yeah, surprised maybe a word for it after all. 🙂

Lastly, fate. I am one of those people who, like most, believe in this kind of thing. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, right? I loved the concept of fate here. Wherein she had one past lover who maybe brought her together with her second fate. It’s hard to understand this concept and I am really happy that it was so easily shown in this book. “If we’re meant to be together and fate really does exist, maybe one of these days she’ll wind up at my door.” You may not understand it, you may not know how it came about, you may not have a valid reason for any of it- it’s just that when it happens, “that could be fate, you know”. That, in itself, is beautiful.

With it’s realistic portrayal of life, family, death, love and fate, Confess will most definitely reel you in, make you laugh, make you wonder, break your heart and leave you breathless.

 “I’ll love you forever. Even when I can’t.”

4 stars

4 stars

😉 written by: hwangchinren 😉

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