Marrow by Tarryn Fisher Quotes

These quotes were taken from Marrow by Tarryn Fisher 🙂


“like paper – useful until you get it wet.”

“I believe in loneliness so deep and profound it has a physical presence. I believe in choices – hard ones that people in charge seldom seem to get right. I believe that everyone needs something: a woman’s touch, companionship, money, forgiveness. And to acquire those things a person will accumulate as much sin as they need to.”

“The gradual recession of happiness. Your life can be nicked away so slowly that you don’t even notice it.”

“Everything different, everything so strangely the same. People become different, I realize. It’s the landscape that never changes: the highway signs marred with graffiti, the pink and orange blended sunsets that kiss the top of the evergreens, even the line of cars waiting to turn into the Wal-Mart parking lot. That’s what jars me the most: same sky, same Bone, same house, different mother.”

“It is pitiful, this thing we call life.”

“You’re alive, you’ll survive.”

“You can do without a lot of things in this life, but shoes are a necessity. If you’re stealing shoes, it’s a desperate necessity. And I will not stand in the way of people trying hard to survive.”

“Staring at someone in a wheelchair doesn’t seem polite – even if he is beautiful.”

“I want to go somewhere good when I read, not into someone else’s crappy life.”

“Real life never has a happy ending.”

“What a hypocrite I am; I spend my whole life reading books that allude to happiness, when I refuse to experience it.”

“Sadness is an emotion you can trust. It is stronger than all of the other emotions. It makes happiness look fickle and untrustworthy. It pervades, lasts longer and replaces the good feelings with such an eloquent ease you don’t even feel the shift until you are suddenly wrapped in its chains. How hard we strive for happiness, and once we finally have the elusive feeling in our grasp, we hold it briefly, like water as it trickles through our fingers. I don’t want to hold water. I want to hold something heavy and solid. Something I can understand. I understand sadness, and so I trust it. We are meant to feel sadness, if only to protect us from the brief spiels of happiness. Darkness is all I’ll ever know; maybe the key is to make poetry out of it.”

“There is no comfort for the broken.”

“I imagine that being wanted is the greatest feeling. A feeling that solidifies your stay in this life, justifies it.”

“It’s not about the clothes, it’s the principle. The excuses and the selfishness. People want a different life, but they get pulled down by the same life their parents lived; same town, same poverty, same struggles. They have their own kids and remember the promise they made to themselves to get the hell outta Dodge. But, they don’t get out of Dodge, because it’s not that easy. So they take it out on themselves, their kids, their neighbors. It’s an excuse, sure. There are plenty of opportunities, scholarships, grants. All you have to do is be brave and jump. It helps if you’re smart, and well spoken, and well dressed. Because no one is going to hire someone who uses too many double negatives, or speaks through their rotten teeth, or is wearing a dress they bought at Wal-Mart. Not if you want the job that can change your life.”

“Nothing is better than the discovery of another living, breathing human, who fights the same as you do, loves the same as you do, and understands you with such clarity that it feels erotic.”

“A crippled man is just another human with valuable ideas.”

“It’s never stupid to dream. Dreams are plans; they get your heart moving, and once your heart gets moving, your brain will follow.”

“You must not let hatred destroy you. You will lose your soul.”

“Judah says that where we’re from is in us – in our marrow. You can put us anywhere else in the world, but we carry our origin with us everywhere we go.”

“Life is all about allowing people choices to be who they want. But the majority of people choose to be worthless.”

“The things that we never do because someone makes us fearful of them, or makes us believe we don’t deserve them.”

“Children shouldn’t have to suffer. To be alone. To feel unloved.”

“Hidden things should stay hidden.”

“Everyone should have someone who cares enough.”

“People – our dads, our moms, our friends – they are so broken they don’t even know that most of what they do reflects that brokenness. They just hurt whoever is in their wake. They don’t sit and think about what their hurt is doing to us. Pain makes humans selfish. Blocked off. Focused inward instead of outward.”

“‘Does your heart still beat… with the ache and pain there? Does it still beat?’

‘Yes,’ I say.

‘That’s because humans are built to live with pain. Weak people let their pain choke them to a slow, emotional death. Strong people use that pain, Margo. They use it as fuel.’”


“Children. Suffer. Yes, maybe more than adults. That’s where we become broken, in our youth. And then we wear it like a shroud for the rest of our lives.”

“Fathers should be fathers by Judah’s account. Even if they don’t want you, they should still provide for you. Like his did.”

“You are worth loving. They just don’t have any love to give. Forgive them, Margo.”

“Today we are here, and tomorrow we are gone, amounted to a handful of memories.”

“You have to be willing to be happy, Despite the mess of your life – just accept what’s happened, throw away your ideals, and create a new map of happiness to follow.”

“Everybody deals with their pain differently.”

“I hate that nothing can be done about the suffering of children, and that most of the world blocks out their suffering to cope with their own ability to help. The few who carry the burden, like social workers and teachers, become weary, burning out after only a few short years, forced to carry the weight that should be shared by a society. Children are vastly overlooked. Their importance underestimated by their size.”

“Sick of not being seen, then being seen for the wrong thing.”

“Mothers hurting their children, mothers giving up on their children, mothers loving something more than their children.”

“I planned for every possibility. Plan A. Plan B. Plan C. That’s what you need: a dozen plans in case something happens to change Plan A.”

“Children died because of the evil inside of grownups. Selfish evil.”

“There is forgiveness, even in the hardest human heart.”

“When you start life, you have high hopes.”

“The loss of innocence is the most severe of growing pains.”

“We are all pretenders in life, finding a patch of humanity that we relate to, and then embrace it.”

“And the minute you realize that we are all pretenders is the minute everything stops intimidating you: punishment, and failure, and death. Even people. There is nothing so ingenious about another human who has pretended well. They are, in fact, just another soul, perhaps more clever, better at failing than you are. But not worth a second of intimidation.”

“A thief is a thief no matter what he does with the money.”

“When you don’t have anything, you don’t have anything to lose, right?”

“Any of us could do something wrong. Should we be arrested – and possibly executed – based on what we might potentially do? Imagine what that would look like in real life. Would you want to live in that society?”

“I kill because I can. I kill because no one stops me. I kiss because no one is stopping them. I kill to protect the innocent.”

“I do not kill just because. I execute the wicked. People who had no place living, sharing the planet with those of us trying to survive – making it harder.”

“Our society believes that if you suffer from depression of any kind, there is something innately broken inside of you. Especially if there is nothing personal to trigger the depression, like a death in the family or a loss of some sort. If you’re just depressed for no reason, they judge you.”

“How calloused their souls are to feel less than us. Are they less actualized, less pessimistic, less able to taste the tang of reality on the tips of their tongues? Why are we the broken ones – those who feel things? Who are affected by the changing tides in society?”

“Suicide wasn’t natural. It was the anti-natural. It was natural to want to live. It was unnatural to be bruised in ways that made you want to die.”

“Self-hatred is a form of self-obsession, isn’t it?”

“Life was creepy and people were creepier.”

“Eyes never lie. Not the emotions we convince ourselves to experience, or we convince others we are experiencing – the real ones. You can listen to words, or you can listen to a person’s eyes.”

“Because you can’t just do that – knowingly ruin people’s lives. Something will eventually come for you.”

“Sometimes, by saving someone else, you save yourself a little as well. By loving someone else and expecting nothing in return, we learn to love ourselves and expect nothing in return. Perhaps it is the simple act of doing for others that makes us feel more valuable in our own skin.”

** really a great book, go grab your copy! 🙂

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