Lexington and 42nd by Kim Carmody book review

“As for fame, you need to manage it and you need to surround yourself with people who don’t get caught up in the hype of it all.”

As sports romances go, I guess you could say it’s like one of many. But to think this is the first one in a series and the author’s debut novel, I’m impressed. I am definitely looking forward to more books from this author and excited for the next book in this series.

Don’t you just love sports romances?  As a fan of a lot of sports, the thought of a star player falling in love with a fan like yourself would give you that sort of Cinderella story most of us crave for.

However in this case, the heroine didn’t know him at all. For the star quarterback who mostly carries the team on his shoulders, for him to meet a woman who is oblivious to his bank account and his fame is a novelty for him. And the whole story mostly revolves around this novelty, their careers, and both their obstinate natures.

Lexington and 42nd is fun, and entertaining. I liked that it took them time before they jumped into a ‘relationship’, probably because the heroine was avoiding complications, with them working together and all, but I liked that it that way. The sexual tension between them was brewing for the first several chapters and that added to the ‘chase’ element.

Reading through the book, I felt that it does go around in circles though and not much ‘punch’, so to speak. Their issue, if you can call it that, was easily resolved in just a few pages. For a woman who handles the players and the issues and events within the team, she was pretty stubborn and contrary when it came to her own life and her own issues.

Nevertheless,  it was a good book. Still, the build from the start left me hanging and a bit disappointed with the way it ended.

Did I enjoy it? Yes.

Would I read it again? Sure.

I do love my sports romances, and I guess I just wasn’t that satisfied.


4 stars

4 stars


😉 hwangchinren 😉

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