Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas review

So after hearing (and searching) for the spoilers for this book, I finally decided to read it.
If I was disappointed that Dorian and Celaena kind of broke up in “Throne of Glass”, this book shattered the love team I was rooting for.

As I go through the chapters, I kind of liked Celaena more now than the previous book. I also like how Dorian manages his heartbreak and his friendship which just makes me like him more. My dilemma here is Chaol though, as captain of the royal guards, he should have been more skilled, tougher and more hardcore since his rank is pretty high, but he wasn’t. The only thing redeeming about him was his loyalty to the crown and his unwavering support for Dorian.

But my disappointment ends there. In this book, the bad-assery I was looking for before is here, and I loved it. I embraced all the gory details and I was practically cheering for my assassin to just kill all their sorry asses. LOL.

But enough of the excitement for now. In this book, we find out more about what kind of evil power they must go against. You will figure out who are the loyal friends from the foe. And at the end of the book, we finally get a sense of who and where our heroine came from. And so we’re left wanting again for the next book. woaaaa


4 stars

4 stars

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One Response to Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas review

  1. mugglebooks says:

    I was disappointed, too! When my ship, again, decided to have make their own paths 😦 I really like Dorian for her. Anyway, I love your review!

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