Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas review

As I go through the books, there’s a pattern that you can’t miss. It just keeps getting better and better.

“See what you want, Aelin, and seize it. Don’t ask for it; don’t wish for it. Take it.” 

Chaol. I wasn’t a fan of Chaol to start with, and this book eventually solidified that dislike for him. His only redeeming quality was his loyalty, but in this book, he finds out that he may have misplaced his loyalty after all. All that confusion was frustrating, I was glad he finally taken a step to a decision, even though it was forced from him in the end.

Prince Dorian. He found out that he has powers, and he was coping. He was lonely, what-with his best friend was mostly AWOL from him throughout the book. Luckily he has Sorchia to be with him. But we know what happened there.

Celaena or Aelin. She was in a faraway land where she needed to access information from Maeve. To do that, she had to prove herself, and to prove herself, she must train and reach inside her Fae being. This book showed more of what’s going through Aelin. She was sad, angry and frustrated but tough – and is a welcome change from the naive lonely girl from Throne of Glass.

Prince Rowan. Ahh, the new love prospect. I loved this part, and I cannot deny my first read of the book, that I was mostly scanning for parts where Rowan was in (and I bet I wasn’t the only one doing that). He was aloof for the most part, but you cannot deny the spark that ignited between him and Aelin.

After the ending of Crown of Midnight and another break-up, I wondered whether she will have another lover here then break up at the end again. It seemed to be the pattern, right? Well, enter Rowan. And my hopeless romantic heart starts and beats again. LOL And isn’t it great that he turns out to be a Prince too? Since the first book, I thought it was a battle between Dorian and Chaol and Dorian won hands down. But Rowan – he’s in another league!

I practically sighed in relief that there wasn’t another break-up of sorts and that Rowan stays with Aelin, so that’s that. I believe my favorite part of the book so far was the blood oath between Rowan and Aelin, you cannot get anymore closer than that!

I look forward to the next book, as the author left us again wanting more. What happens next in this saga?

The lonely and trapped Prince. The Guard turned rebel. The legendary Fae Warrior. And the avenging Queen.


4 stars

4 stars

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