Torn Hearts by Claire Contreras review

I was preparing myself to read Paper Hearts when the paperback said I have to read the prequel first. It was a good thing it was in that said paperback too!!

You know when you cut a piece of paper with a cutter, the cut would be clean and it would have that distinct shape and sharp edges along with it? Well, the title “Torn Hearts” doesn’t lie. It won’t just cut your heart that would leave you with the cuts so you may piece of your heart back together. No, it will tear your heart apart and you won’t know which piece goes to what part anymore.

Mia and Jensen. They loved each other. They were everything for each other, until that one mistake – that one bombshell that obliterated their hearts.

You will feel so much from this book. You will feel for Mia, for Jensen and what they lost, so much that you won’t wait one second to start Paper Hearts.

Can they come back from this?
Will time heal the wounds?
Will they have a happily ever after?

I have a lot of questions from this book and I can’t wait to start Paper Hearts to find out the answers.


5 stars

5 Stars

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