Idol by Kristen Callihan review

“Music can be your friend when you have none, your lover when you’re needy. Your rage, your sorrow, your joy, your pain. Your voice when you’ve lost your own. To be a part of that, to be the soundtrack of someone’s life, is a beautiful thing.” 

You know a good romance when you breathe the words and fall in love at the same time the characters do. When they say loving stuff at each other, you know you struck gold when you don’t cringe at the romance of it all. This book is not sappy nor corny at all. No, this book is bad-ass.

“And then I want to cry. Because I would have none of this without him. And not a single fucking bit of it has any meaning without him to share it.” 

From the start of the book, I know I was in for a ride. It was poetic, and really intriguing. The Past. The Future. Somewhere in between, they met and crossed paths. Then they connected. Then something went wrong. That was the gist of what I could get from the intro and I couldn’t wait to devour the book.

“Prime of his life, and he’s fall-down drunk. Lovely.”

(warning: spoilers ahead)

Cue in The Present. I always look forward to how the characters meet in every book. I don’t know why but there’s something magical in it some way. And the way Killian and Liberty met, I laughed my ass off. Our heroine has some sass and class – I love her already, and at first I didn’t think Killian could have handled her. But give the rock star some credit, he gives just as good as he gets.What a start to a new book series!

“Don’t be such a cliché.”

The banters. I love a good amusing fight especially when you know who’s winning. Our heroine pegged our hero from the start and he didn’t like what she saw. And what does our hero do? He strips naked! WTF! I was laughing so hard I didn’t know how to take in that moment when all I wanted to do was know what happens next. And if that doesn’t top it, he vomits all over her. Now that is a first impression you will never ever forget!

“No matter what I do to get away from it, I still hear the rhythm of life.”

Our broken hero. I loved that the book is in dual point of views so we don’t have to keep guessing what happened there and why – in a good way. And here is our hero drunk and a mess. From the intro, we knew he was popular and that their band was big. It makes you curious just like he is on what he will find when he saw a guitar and a bunch of records lying around. Would he be recognized? Would he be fawned over? Would she be a fan or a groupie?  It was fun to know what was going through his head, especially the kind of encounter they just had. I am glad the author just doesn’t fast forward things like some usually do.

“The will of the universe is a strange thing. Why it brought me to her of all people, I don’t know.” 

Anonymity. Killian introduces himself and Liberty doesn’t recognize him. Our Shakespeare quoting rock star doesn’t like that at all-it irritates him. I’m looking forward to Liberty finding out who he really is from here on. And as if this book isn’t already getting better and better – it turns out they are neighbors! Oh, the possibilities!

‘I’m beginning to think this girl will never give me anything that isn’t fucking sublime. then I catch a glimpse inside the shed and nearly choke on my last mouthful of lemonade.

“You have a ride-on mower,” I get out while sputtering on my drink and glaring at the John Deere that would have cut my work time to less than an hour.

Liberty, the little she-devil, just shrugs, taking a dainty sip of her lemonade. “Would Mr. Miyagi have let Daniel-san use a power sander? I think not.” 

Hilarious. I can’t deny I was drawn to this book because it was fun. From the first few chapters, I know I was in for a good time because I couldn’t stop laughing. I have a lot of favorite scenes from this book, and the best one would probably be where he heads out with nothing but his boxers on and a Gibson to bash whoever is in Liberty’s house that has her screaming. A Gibson for a weapon, rock star indeed! LOL And the Moth part – that was genius!

“You can be anything you want. It’s whether you’re happy that’s the question.”

Seduction. After giving each other hot looks and as they become closer, the anticipation on when and if they will finally touch was killing me. I cannot believe that a haircut can be so seductive. And that moment they finally touch – Holy. Shit!

“The songs I wrote with you, they’re our songs, not mine. I wrote them because of you. I’m not going to sing them with anyone else but you.”

Romance. I love the romance here. As I said above, this was not corny or sappy at all. I actually hate books which reveal too much feelings that makes you wince. It was not too much where rockers act like divas and show how rich they are and all that. It was also not a typical romance where they say silly stuff to each other to mellow each other out. This was  just right. It was perfect. Even those little notes he has Scottie deliver, it was… perfect!

“The worst thing you can do in live is ignore an opportunity out of fear.” 

Music. I love music, this is probably why I love reading rock star romances. Seeing this author put music into words and is doing a good job at it just leaves me in awe because that is hard to do. Listening is one thing, but knowing exactly what sound is and what it feels like is another.

“What I wouldn’t give for a broom. I’m trying to get this moth-“

My yelp effectively cuts her off. I scramble back to the edge of the door. “Moth? Where is the fucking moth!”

Libby turns, her mouth hanging open. “What on Earth?”

A cold sweat breaks out over my skin as I eye the tiny hell devil fluttering around the pot light over the bed. Jesus, did I miss that? It makes a move away, and I shout, jumping farther back. “Kill it, woman! Kill. It!”

Libby sputters out a laugh then does a double-take when I fall onto the arm chair. “you’re serious.”

I don’t take my eyes of Mothra. “Are you going to kill it, or am I calling security?”

Reality Bites. You know that feeling when everything is too good to be true and you are waiting for the other shoe to drop? Yeah, the highs and lows in this book will get to you. It was pretty smooth sailing at first, so I was really wondering what will happen that they were apart on ‘the future’ in the intro. As I read through, I was miserable as they were. I was rooting for them to finally get their heads out of their asses. And then they finally communicate through songs..I can’t help but laugh. Oftentimes, we misinterpret the songs we listen to or sing along to.. And Killian, the multi-awarded musician known for his songs and lyrics misconstrued the song. He didn’t get the context of it. HA! I got a kick out of that one.

“Love breaks your heart, fucks you up – perfect, all consuming chaos. I didn’t know what to do with that. It felt safer to walk. But it’s also this. Peace, and warmth, and so fucking beautiful, you’ll risk anything to keep it.” 

I love this book! For ten hours straight, I breathed this book. I never thought the day would come when Kellan Kyle would be knocked off from first on THE list of book rock stars I absolutely adore…. and Killian James mowed his way to the top! Damn Kellan Kyle would have to settle for second now. Lol!

Love it!
I think it would be hard to top this book in a long while..



And the bonus! Scottie gets a book too?! I am looking forward to that. From what preview I read so far, the heroine is also a hoot! I am soooo waiting to be ‘managed’! 😉


5 stars

5 Killian Stars. 

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