The Offer by Karina Halle review

Sometimes I feel life is just one episode after another of trying to find another way. I wonder what happens when you discover there is no other way this time.

The prologue threw me in a dilemma. First impressions are usually everything, so there is Bram who was an ass six months earlier. Hitting on a girl then only minutes after being turned down by said girl, is getting another girl behind the bushes.So I was thrown in for a loop. Do I go on reading? Or do I pick another book?

I did continue reading though. I wanted to know how he can come back from that, if he can.

“I think sometimes when you love something too much, you’re that much more aware of how much you have to lose.”

Bram. He was a playboy without a care in the world. He had issues that not even his family thinks he can get out from. And just a plain bad boy all-around.

Nicola. She hates playboys. She avoids and loathes them for a reason. She is a single mother struggling to find a break. She’s out of a job, and a wild mess.

No matter how much you change, some people will always view you as you were at a certain time of your life.

I am glad I continued on this book. Bram had his moments, but when he meets the little girl – you cannot stop your ovaries from going haywire. There’s just something hot about men who are good with children, right? Well, there is a lot of that going on in this book. I mean, he took them to Disneyland. Woah. Not the bad boys we usually stumble upon.

“I know you’ve been burned. But I’ve been burned too. Maybe our ashes can make something beautiful together.” 

I loved that Bram wanted to change, as well as to change the perception of others around him that he kept a project of his a secret. Well, he kept a lot of secrets. I also liked that he was head strong in pursuing Nicola despite her reservations. I was holding on to my book thinking everything is gong fine, how will he mess it up? Right? I was preparing myself for when he cheats because I was ready to throw the book. Totally. But it wasn’t. And I was relieved that it wasn’t like that.

One person’s love isn’t enough to keep two people together, I knew that much already.

There were my favorite parts. The Disneyland trip. The IKEA trips. That time when they were about to move and Bram showed he was the man. And there were a lot more good parts in the book. I can’t say there was a part I didn’t like – probably just the prologue, but that’s it. Because from that low, it was rising and rising towards the end. I must say though, it was a bit mild in the middle, aside from Nicola’s problems. But it ended good. Real good.

“Anger doesn’t erase love. Pain doesn’t erase love. Crying doesn’t erase love. Only time does. Lots and lots and lots of time.”

At the end of the book, I wanted more. I can’t believe that’s it. I felt like I have been given  a glimpse of a happy ending – then was cut short, and I wanted the whole damn thing. But that’s just me.

I don’t believe in regrets anyway. It’s no way to go through life. Whatever happens, happens and t shapes us all to the here and now, where we are supposed to be.

5 Bram-a-lama-ding-dong stars

5 stars

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