Ramsay by Mia Sheridan review

“If I didn’t have hope, I basically had nothing.”

My emotions were all over the place with this book. I can’t believe I finished it roughly around eleven hours straight and I have eye bags to prove it too. My eyes and tear ducts need rest now.

“My mam used to say God gave us rainy days to let us know it was okay to take a day off now and then.”

The prologue. That hurt pretty good. From what was happening on there, my only though was that Lydia and her brother deserves payback. That was all I could think about. Lydia was portrayed as a manipulative flirt. While her brother was just downright despicable and unfair. The kneeling and begging part – I cringed at every moment there. What a way to damage someone’s pride by humiliating him like that.

“Ya can’t avoid it. Life brings us all to our knees at one point or another.”

The poker game. Poetic justice, I suppose. And man did he deserve it. And from here the book keeps me right on the edge of my seat. It keeps me guessing. What will happen next? How will Lydia and Brogan meet again? Will they finally put their past behind them and accept their feelings for one another?

“We’re made to care, aren’t we, though? Find me the person who doesn’t care a whit what anyone else thinks of them and I’ll show ya someone very lonely. The trick, I believe, is to know whose opinion matters and whose doesn’t.”

The author knows exactly where to hit you. Straight through the heart. I had to hand it to the heroine, she is tough, but bordering on stupid and stubborn. There were stuff on here where even I was too scared to go on the rest of the scenario because I know it will either embarrass her too much of hurt too much. But you have to go through it and just rip the band-aid, so to speak.

“I learned that every choice has an outcome and I learned that holding on to bitterness is a poison that eats away at you from the inside.”

(SPOILERS!!!) I was hoping somewhere that there was a baby… and there was… but it didn’t exactly turn out the way I had hoped for. Be careful what you wish for, indeed. But wait! The story doesn’t just end in a revenge plot. It goes deeper and more complicated than that. And just when you thought you were out of the hole they crawled in to, you’d be thrown into another one again. Their situation just gets worse to worst. Kudos to the author for one turbulent read.

“Forgiveness isn’t an emotion. Forgiveness is a choice. And sometimes it’s one you have to choose again and again.”

One thing I hate about pride is it makes people obstinate. And both these characters were that headstrong towards the end. I mean, they could have saved each other a lot of heartache in the process. These were two characters who have suffered immensely for years, and it seems they want their miserable lives to stay the same because they seem to want to wallow in it.

“There is such a thin veil between love and hate.”

If you are looking for a good cry, I promise you this book won’t let you down. You might bawl your eyes out, I know I’m guilty. And if you are looking for a good romance, a second chance romance – you will get that too…and more. So much more.

“Sometimes forgiveness meant letting go.”

5 stars

5 stars

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