Is this the LBC Shipping Cart SCAM?

As a book lover and a collector of toys and whatever I fancy, I tend to order a LOT of stuff online because some stuff are just not available here in the Philippines. Online shopping is worldwide now, so we also spend a lot on shipping fees. Thankfully, we have several services which offer combined shipment for packages at cheaper costs.

I found LBC Shipping Cart from posts by friends and celebrities online, and I was curious and checked them out.

I tried it to check and compare shipping costs and maybe see if they might be faster as others claim – and since many celebrities have been endorsing them on their social media pages…. i tried it…

My experience?

I ordered books and 3pcs power banks.(And this is the first shipment, cause my other items arrived late)

I’m going to show you the screenshots for the power banks only.  (I’m blocking personal email information and tracking number information and etc to avoid some opportunistic souls who want to use them for personal gain)

ama 1 powerbank




ama 123

It started out fine. My package was received, and although it took days to appear on my storage, I was willing to wait.

Then it got tricky.

I wanted to ship it via air cause it was faster… but I got a quote of about PHP 4000-6000+, take note this is for only 6 books and 3 power banks. So I thought that was kind of overpriced. If I had shipped it via amazon before, it would only cost me $6/book to ship and will arrive about 15-20 days or so and that is via air too. (what can I do? I already shipped the items and it was in their warehouse, no going back now.)

So my next option was Sea Cargo. Like I said, I don’t mind waiting. I was trying their services out for the first time anyway to see if there would be a future between me and LBC Shipping Cart. Sea Cargo cost about PHP 1700+ – That seems fair enough, so I chose that one, and PAID.

I have PAID for about 2 weeks – I was getting antsy. The status of my shipment haven’t changed. So I called their hotline. The thing about hotlines that people get pissed off about is they wait too long for someone to pick up. So I dialed their number, I asked for the one in charge of the Shipping Cart – I was put on hold. They asked for my number and said that they will call me back cause there was “only 1 personnel” handling the Shipping Cart on that day. So I gave them my information. I waited several hours, no one called. 

The next day, I called again. Same thing happened – this time I told them I will wait on the line for someone from Shipping Cart to answer relaying to them what happened the day before – I was put on hold, and luckily after several minutes, someone did pick up. I told the representative about my dilemma and they said that they would look into it. No update whatsoever.

So I called everyday since that day, I think about 3-5 days after they gave me a tracking number wherein when I tracked it – it was not found. So I called several times again, after several days – the status on my shipment finally changed to “In transit” and I could finally track the number they gave me.

post 1.png

I got no complaints after that one, but there is something wrong with that kind of information when you track it, don’t you think? (It is August18, 2016 right now, that is the tracking info – August 23, 30 and Sept 1 2016 are indicated too) It’s supposed to give a real time update, like when you see on DHL or FedEx – but this one in LBC’s tracking record, it’s a prediction of some sort. That the shipment will arrive at this port then carried on to this port and so on. This is not tracking at all. They are showing us routes where our package will go through. The purpose of the tracking number must be lost to Shipping Cart. Tracking numbers are supposed to let the sender and receiver know where the package is currently located at REAL TIME – maybe not accurate in some cases – but it is most certainly not a prediction that of which we can view above.

(example here of a tracking number from DHL)


See the difference? 

But then, just a day after the status changed to “IN TRANSIT” – I got this email.

post 2.png

I was WTF-ing the situation until someone explained and picked up the hotline – who promised to get back to me and update me with the situation. This was August 5, 2016. I called their hotline several times, they took my details but no one got back to me regarding this matter. I called them  Aug 17, 2016 – and what did the CS rep say? They can refund me or try to check if they can find my item. From $80+ they are going to refund me only $30 because that’s the only insured value for it. WTF?! I told them I will not accept a refund, but I will accept a replacement of the same items – I can even give them the link to the products so they can be the ones to purchase them instead and ship to me. (I’m still waiting for update regarding this matter…)

I am no master or expert of shipping boxes and packages, but I have several times that even the post office people in our area know me by name already. I also have several OFW relatives who ship balikbayan boxes at least twice per year to know that these boxes are insured starting from at least $100 or more per closed box. So I was saving myself some money to try and insure them for $10 a piece (hoping and trusting LBC Shipping Cart to ship my package to me safely) but then-  POOF! They got lost. That was my mistake – declaring values lower, I own up to that one (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who did this, because as the insurance value goes higher, a consecutive charge is also added to their rates) – but that doesn’t mean that my items which were so carefully documented when they arrived at the warehouse suddenly got lost when they were packing and consolidating them for a shipment. They magically disappeared! From the warehouse up to shipping them to the Philippines, that is supposedly LBC Shipping Cart’s responsibility and no one else. Where else in their warehouse could it be?


The receipt from amazon for the items was there, with a photo… how did they lose 3 power banks right? And why is it that only the devices got lost? I guess they don’t appreciate the books because they shipped those ahead.

And why, after weighing and after payment of the shipping fee, did they only inform me that the other items cannot be found? Plain Bull if you ask me.

I have also paid a shipment since August 3, 2016. Until now, the status is still “PAID”. No update whatsoever. What are they doing over there? (These were the items which didn’t arrive on time when I have paid the first shipment)

Did they deliberately lose the items so that they can refund the customer at a lesser price that they put on the insured value?

Is this the LBC Shipping Cart Scam?

If you try to check their FB page, the complaints of lost items keep on coming. I am not the only one. (And if you are one of these people, write your experience at the comment section below. What kind of item got lost? did you insure it properly? Via air or sea?) Attached are some screenshots of other people who experienced the same thing we did – blocked out the names and profile pictures for their privacy) You can check Shipping Cart’s page for more complaints:

My complaints of the service?

  • inconsistent shipping fees
  • inaccurate weighing and measuring of items
  • overpriced shipping quotes
  • takes too long for stuff to be ‘accepted’ in their warehouse
  • takes too long for ‘accepted’ packages to appear on ‘storage’
  • takes too long for PAID shipments to be IN TRANSIT
  • tracking information is BS
  • hotline personnel do not update or get back to us like promised


Service RATING: 1/5 (they try, so 1 for effort)

Customer Satisfaction:  Disappointing. You have a long list of complaints to get through. I suggest you discontinue your service first right at this instant – resolve all cases before you ask people to try your service again.

Customer Hotline or Support: I suggest you hire more personnel and do what you say you would. You expect customers to call every now and then for an update – you do not call us instead. In this case, will you reimburse the phone bills of those in the provinces who call you everyday for an update?

Recommendation? I’d rather wait a long damn time than try LBC Shipping Cart again. I’d wait patiently than having to deal with lost items and incompetent service. 

Verdict? If you want to try LBC Shipping Cart, Think twice or DON’t. Just DON’T!

Will I use LBC Shipping Cart again in the future?  Never! Never again! 


Anyone know which government sector is in charge to have LBC liable for this kind of practice? Please do leave a suggestion below. The only option I have at the moment is DTI. 

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