Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

If you ever find yourself in London, United Kingdom, you must stop and head over to Warner Bros. Studios London where you can go behind the scenes to ‘The Making of Harry Potter’. This is a must-see for book readers especially Harry Potter fans and the usual movie buffs who want to know what goes on behind the screen.

If you’re coming from London, you must travel a bit to get there. On the Warner Bros. website, there are several guides which tells you how you can get to the studio. My travel route was via Rail. I came from Kilburn Park- so I took a London Overground to London Euston for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then from that station, I think it was Watford Junction, you can ask around for where you can locate the Harry Potter bus or you can just head on to the parking area and you can see a very obvious “Harry Potter” bus. That bus will take you from the station to the studio for  £2.50/ person. It is also your ride back if you will travel back the same way you got there.


You literally cannot miss the Harry Potter bus!

And whoa-la! The Harry Potter studio.


I think it is advisable to pre-book tickets before you go on your journey here. They limit visitors per day because – there are really a LOT of people going here. Several bus loads at every hour arrive. The parking area is actually full – and people are allowed entry only at the time specified on their tours. I’m not sure if you can go in as a walk-in, but you can book your tickets online at their website. We booked 2 Adult Package Each Package containing 1 adult ticket, 1 paperback souvenir guide and 1 digital guide for £ 44.95 each.


full blown photos of the cast can be seen all over upon entry, you just have to look up.

As I said before, you have to set the date and time of your tour when you book. Upon entry, I noticed a very long line where the start of the tour is. There is no time limit to the tour, and as stated on the tour the longest one had on the tour was actually 12hours! But the tour normally lasts about 3 hours only. Basically, it is really up to you to use your time as you see fit, of course that is only after you enter. We entered about 1PM, and ended around 4PM. The place is just like any other tourist attraction – I think there might be more people here than the palaces in London. So expect the place to be fully equipped to cater to all your needs. For other information, like accessibility and facilities, please go to their website. 



You are given a digital guide  where you can get from a window (this is optional but I recommend you get one). There are several videos and commentaries here from the cast and crew you won’t find anywhere. The paperback guidebook can be claimed at the end of the tour at the gift shop.


Cupboard under the stairs


entry to the great hall

The Great Hall was overwhelming – you just might want to inspect every inch of the place. There were costumes and props everywhere.



Everything you see, from the props to the costumes are very detailed.


The Owl Podium





Wands! Thousands of wands were said to be made for the films. Of course, several were destroyed in some scenes. You can get your own wand at their gift shop too!


The Gryffindor Common Room

From the smallest prop the the biggest. And different sections of the sets can be seen here.









Of course, there’s a section just for the Hogwarts Express. You can also go inside it and have your picture taken within.


There’s a cafeteria area where you can also buy butterbeer! If you like sweet drinks, you will definitely love butterbeer!

then outside, you can see





Then you go into another section, which will show you how detailed the crew went to create these movies and just how much work they put into these.



Of course, they wouldn’t leave out Diagon Alley.


And perhaps the most eye-catching of them all is this –



It’s a very detailed Hogwarts Castle. They had to draw these, measure and built this model. From where I was standing, it was about 12 feet? I’m not sure of how big it is, but I’m thinking about there. This was said to be hand sculpted to scale. Now that is dedication!

There’s a lot more to see in the studio besides what I mentioned above. You can perform magic and even play quidditch in there.  I think I took nearly 500 photos just at that studio alone. I just shared a few above 😀

Oh! The Gift Shop. I was in awe of the many items I forgot to take a photo of the chaos in there, but they basically have everything from the Chocolate Frog, to wands, to tshirts, and even clapboards. You just need the money to get them all. LOL


“The stories we love best do live in us forever, so whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” ~J.K. Rowling

Customer Satisfaction: Very contented.

Customer Service/Support: A+++ Service and facilities all around.

Recommendation? A must see attraction! Highly suggested for Harry Potter fans and movie fanatics. So, again, if you ever find yourself in the UK, don’t forget to spend a day at Warner Bros. Studio.

Verdict? A very magical place no Harry Potter fan should miss!

Would I go back? Without a doubt, YES! 

(more travel photos, follow @hwangchinren at instagram )

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