Turbulent Intentions by Melody Anne review

“Dreams are meant to become reality. Don’t ever think you can’t do something because it’s difficult.”

A modern twist to the Cinderella tale – Melody Anne style.

The meddling is back with another four brothers, so we can look forward to another wonderful series. With pilots to boot! Of course, some surprise appearances by some Billionaire Bachelors too!

“In life there are always trials. We don’t necessarily understand why they happen, but eventually we see there’s a reason for them. Sometimes everything has to go wrong before it can turn around and start going right.”

The start of the story, we are given a glimpse of how the boys’ lives turned around. From how out of control and entitled they are, something needed to change so their dying father put some stipulations on his will that all four of them didn’t like.

Cooper and Stormy met at a wedding. The Cinderella aspect of the story started here. Two strangers swept by the romantic mystery. they didn’t even introduce themselves. Then by Morning, Cinderella went missing leaving behind something important.

The one thing I didn’t like was that years went by before they met again. I guess, it was to give them some time to grow up and everything, but it was just too long.

“I think we all start with a dream. It’s those who are brave enough to make their dreams realities who change the world.”

The fun started when they met again. Both witty and arrogant, they clashed in a coffee shop which got Stormy into trouble and made her resent their night a bit. Cooper didn’t recognize her, which added to her irritation.

And when circumstances leave Stormy homeless, the fairy godmother in the form of Uncle Sherman offers her a deal so hard to pass up – which was to live for a while at one of his nephews’ home -which much to Stormy’s disdain, ended up being Cooper’s house.

“Family is who we can count on when the rest of the world fades away. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for mine.”

I’ve read a lot of negative reviews about this book, but that didn’t stop me from reading this. Sure, the meddling and everything is still there, but that is Melody Anne’s sort of MO in her books, I guess. Only Melody Anne fans would know that. But to compare to Fifty Shades because of the same geographical location is going a bit too far. Billionaire Bachelors books started in Seattle too!

As far as endings go, this one didn’t disappoint. Who doesn’t like reading a bit of thrilling moments every now and then, right? I wish that we were given a bit of insight on what happened after the incident. With him as CEO of the company, was he sued? Or because he saved them, was he named a hero?

This was one very sweet romance, you won’t put it down. Add in the billionaire pilot, a man in uniform – you could never go wrong! Exciting, pleasing and very entertaining – I can’t wait to read the book on the next brother!

5 stars

5 heroic stars

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