Guilty by Nikki Chase review

“We tell ourselves a lot of lies. Like forever. Forever is a lie we tell ourselves so we can function.”

A filthy rich playboy and genius CEO is what drew me towards reading the book. So when the author asked me to review this one in exchange for an honest review, of course I accepted. What is really surprising for me is that this is her first novel which is not even released yet because it’s really good and very well-written.

Aside from the very obvious reasons why I read the book in the first place, this book had a lot of factors which I really liked. From the prologue, there’s a mystery to it that you just want to find out more and will keep you turning pages. The author did a pretty good job not revealing secrets and everything else at once which meant every chapter was like a treasure trove to solving these mysteries.

There’s certainly romance here, and very hot scenes if you like erotica. Plus, there’s the whole forbidden romance going on aside from the fact that the hero ended up being our heroine’s boss.

I did like Cole very much. He’s a bit confused in what he should do at first but out of the characters in the book, he was the most dedicated to his feelings. I also liked his brother, Caine. I wish he had a lot more cameo appearance on here than the one we’ve got.

However, I did not like Emily though she is a good enough heroine. It’s just that she’s really stuck to the past that it became annoying when the secret was out and all she did was whine and shout and saw no reason to a point it became a bit annoying.

Last but not the least, Cole’s father. I wish there’s a bit more justice done to him from what he did to Cole in the last part of the book, but also an explanation on his part where he was protecting his family’s name and reputation (which I think wasn’t that big of a deal) hiding stuff from the public that won’t really matter much if he did not hide it in the first place. It’s a bit of a weird situation they had here making a big fuss out of something that maybe their social circle does a lot and the public probably won’t care about.

If you want a fast paced, hot romance which is full of mystery, and a bit of fun – read this book. Trust me, it’s hard to put down.


4  Guilty stars

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