If We Were a Movie by Kelly Oram review

I don’t think fate controls us. I think it just makes sure certain things happen. What we do with the opportunities it gives us is up to us.

Kelly Oram has done it again! Every time I read one of her books, I just don’t like it – I freaking love it!

If We Were a Movie. If the title is not enough to pique your interest, the plot sure will. Our hero, Nate, is a talented musician, one of triplets and unexpectedly meets a meddling matchmaker. He also moves in to an apartment to get away from his brothers after all the trouble they send his way. Enter Jordan, his new roommate – who is a girl.

Fate simply has a way of working things out. When it hands you a gift, don’t question it; just take it.

Nate. The book is told in his perspective which is different if you’re used to reading in a girl’s point of view, but it really works with this book and makes it more interesting. Our hero is a bit soft-hearted which I think also makes him easy to pushover looking at his history with his psycho girlfriend and his brothers. Even though he has a bit of a habit being indecisive, his loyalty and his heart are two of his most redeeming qualities.

Jordan. If there’s ever a nearly perfect heroine, she would be it. I just couldn’t find anything wrong with her aside from her penchant of choosing the wrong guys. She was the perfect girl for Nate and Pearl, our matchmaker has hit it on the head making their match.

The characters in this book are easy to love, except for one and that is the psycho ex. I wish justice was served for what she did. Besides her, the rest added color to the book with different personalities, especially Nate’s brothers and Colin. I wish this book would be made part of a series wherein we get to see Nate’s brothers finding love as well.

Epilogue. It was the perfect ending, although I wished it was set years later as it is a bit unrealistic they end there at their age. But, true to the title, it ends like it would if you were in a movie.

Sometimes you need bittersweet in order to appreciate all those sugary endings you love so much.

Perfect for movie lovers, and the hopeless romantics. You will surely devour it in one sitting like I did. Matchmaking, musicians, roommates, and a whole bunch of movies to go along with it – this book is a must read.

5 cinematic stars

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