Stay by Emily Evans review

“You said you don’t want to look at me across a family table if we break up.”
“I don’t want to look over at you at the same table and think we didn’t even try.”

I’ve read several Emily Evans book and this one did not disappoint.
It’s a different one though, than what I have read from her, but also similar – if that makes any sense.
There’s not much angst in here like what we get in high school themed books, but we have two very good lead characters here which makes the trouble and anxiety aspect not really necessary.
Rich guy, jock, cheerleader, and living together? It’s like an awesome anime coming to life in the pages of the book. It was very entertaining; especially since our heroine sort of has no filter on her which makes her a bit naïve but you will still like her.
I’d like to know Niko and Hope’s history though. Their love was really evident throughout the book and I can’t help but wonder if they already had a book or if one is in the works as a prologue? I hope so.


Set in high school, this book is about family, friendship, rules and consequences, new beginnings and love. Perfect for the hopeless teenage romantics who like to read fan fiction. 😉


4 Greek Stars

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