Wife, For a While by Lorna Baldwin review

What’s weirder than planning a wedding for a man without a fiance? Agreeing to be his fiance.”

When I got the request to review this book, I was giddy to start it since the plotline is one I mostly read. One of my favorite concepts, really. So when I received the book, I dug in almost immediately.

The thing about the wealthy man looking for a bride-for-hire is that it’s almost like a Cinderella story. You’d also have an almost Fifty Shades concept in there somewhere what with the rich throwing their weight around. This story is no different, but what makes this book distinctive are the characters in it.

Our heroine, Jolene, is a feisty one. And I really liked her from the first few chapters I read. She just doesn’t take any shit from anyone, and definitely has a good head on her shoulders.

Our hero, Benton, on the other hand, I have a lot of reservations about. A billionaire whose work was mostly to party and fool around, I’m not sure by the end of the story if he kicked his habit ‘cause I’m not sure it was mentioned in the book (if it was, I missed it). I also didn’t like that he didn’t work for what he mostly had. He had a charity set up, sure – but he really didn’t work. Old money or not, I’m not that ‘charmed’ with him. But kudos to him, he won me over some with his surprise wedding gift too.

The book, overall, was really good. When I started it, it was a bit wordy for my tastes that I thought the characters would get lost in their own heads, but that wasn’t really the case. It was a bit too descriptive, but in a good way.

Now the story was really interesting and sweet. There really wasn’t that big of a fight in the climax, but I sort of liked it that way. I also liked the fact that the characters really talked and settled their misunderstandings rather than have the space and distance thing that would complicate things.

I don’t believe their story is over yet. I, for one, wanted a very good epilogue down the road, maybe a ‘years later’ sort of thing. Some issues also needed closure, like Benton’s habit, will he eventually work, will Jolene be really accepted by not only his family but his social class – those sort of issues.

If you love Melody Anne, Ruth Cardello and Jessica Clare, then you’ll love Lorna Baldwin too. I truly can’t believe this is the author’s first book, it’s written very well. . I believe the author also hints of a second book, but maybe for Lars? And I’m really looking forward for it, I also hope we see this couple in there too to get a glimpse of their future.


4 Delightful Stars


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