Ninja Girl by Cookie O’Gorman review

When I first read Adorkable, I got hooked. So seeing as Ash from Adorkable will be here in Ninja Girl also, of course I got baited to read it. And I am so glad I did.
This book made me feel like I dropped into a multi-cultural world. It was interesting and as weird as it somewhat came out in a few scenes, I just can’t help but enjoy it. It was good.
This book would be perfect for teenagers who love to read fan fictions and Wattpad. Not only does this have a handsome, popular, jock hero – this book has a tough, kick-ass heroine, hence the title of ‘Ninja Girl’.
There’s just a right amount of feels, bad-ass-ery, and romance in this book with an extra kick of suspense and mystery.

4 stars

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