We are just people who love to read, to write and to share.

Palabasalibro are words joined together in our native language which basically means we read

– a lot!

 “kadamo sing libro, kagamay sing oras”,

means “so many books, so little time”

We also love to travel, so we will be including some posts of our adventures.

We read all kinds of books, but we mostly read Contemporary, Romance, Mystery, Fantasy and Paranormal.

We also read manga/graphic novels. 😉

Giveaways from this page are books we own or books that we have purchased personally. If authors or publishers wish to giveaway books using our blog, we would gladly do so and acknowledge and thank you for your generosity.

As much as possible, we stick to paperback copies of the books to avoid any disputes that usually is involved in giving away digital copies.

Most books we have reviewed so far we own personally in paperback or have been downloaded on kindle from Amazon.

(for authors, publishers and etc) If you are interested to have your book reviewed by us, please contact us at

palabasalibro (at) yahoo (dot) com

and include synopsis and the book cover (if you have).

We accept books in these formats:

  •  ebook (ePub/ mobi / PDF / kindle)
  • ARC’s / eARC’s
  • paperbacks / hardcovers

We can also help you get your books out to readers, if interested, just ask us how. 🙂

We promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

REVIEWS & Policy

Our reviews will always be honest and straight from the heart. ❤ 😉

Our reviews will not be biased in any way.


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