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We are truly inspired by one of our favorite authors, Colleen Hoover, in what she is doing with The Bookworm Box. And this had us thinking that we could do this as well for some charity organizations here in the Philippines.

And since Ms Colleen Hoover wants us to “pay-it-forward”, this is how we will do our part. 🙂

We want you to know that first and foremost, palabasalibro blog is all about our love for books and it is because of this that we wish to help others in doing what we love best, which is to read books. 🙂

* What is this project about?

A: This would be a project for book lovers all over to get a bookmail delivered to them as requested and the profits of which will be accumulated and donated to a charity chosen for that month.

*What will be inside the bookmail?

A: There will be different options for bookmails and a limited number for each category only.

  1. Palabasalibro Box = PHP 1800.00 / USD 41.99
    • this will include
      • 1 SIGNED BOOK (randomly chosen)
      • at least 3 pcs of swag
      • shipping fee within the Philippines is included (via 2go)
  2. CREATE ME = PHP 1650.00 / USD 38.99
    • this will include
      • 2 brand new books (1 hardcover, 1 paperback OR 1 indie book and 1 trade paperback) of your choice from our list (the list will be posted on our facebook page every 1st week of the month),
      • 1 preloved book
      • at least 3 pcs of swag
      • shipping fee within the Philippines is included (via 2go)
  3. SURPRISE ME = PHP 1650.00 / USD 38.99

    • this will include
      • 2 randomly chosen (best selling and most recommended) brand new books,
      • 1 preloved book
      • at least 3pcs of swag
      • shipping fee within the Philippines is included (via 2go)
  4. Hardcover BookmailPHP 1050.00 / USD 24.99
    • this will include 1 brand new hardcover book or an indie book (you can choose the book or we can surprise you)
    • 1 preloved hardcover book
    • swag
    • shipping fee within the Philippines is included (via 2go)
  5. Paperback Bookmail = PHP 900.00 / USD 20.99
    • this will include 1 brand new paperback book (you can choose the book or we can surprise you)
    • 1 preloved paperback book
    • swag
    • shipping fee within the Philippines is included (via 2go)
  6. Preloved Bookmail = PHP 500.00 / USD 11.99
    • this will include 2 preloved books (1 hardcover and 1 paperback)
    • swag
    • shipping fee within the Philippines is included (via 2go)

A: We here at palabasalibro have so many TBR piles that we can’t sometimes get to review all of them and post them all at once. We have been in dire need of reviewers who share our passion so as a perk of buying any bookmail, you can email us your review and we can post it here on our blog if it’s a title we haven’t reviewed yet. 🙂

*** for those who want to choose the books which is available for only options 2, 4, and 5: we will be posting a LIST of books available every 1st week of the month. They will be limited in stock only so the first ones to reserve it will get the book.

* What’s special with a preloved book?

A: The preloved books are special because we have hand-selected these titles from charity fund drives from UK and the USA and had them shipped here to the Philippines. Therefore, you not only help one organization, but two when you purchase each bookmail.


from the British Heart Foundation


Marie Curie Cancer Care


*Will we know which books are inside the mail?

A: The thing with the palabasabookmail is that all these and more will be a mystery. Just think of getting a mystery box every time you get one. But we will hand pick titles, and select the most requested books and some best sellers and include them in the mail. The book titles will be in random only, so just think of it as getting a must read book recommended by a friend that you may or may have never heard of before.  The swag will be randomly inserted and each mail and will differ every time –  whether they are signed bookplates, bracelets, bookmarks, ballers, and etc.

*What if we get our mail but we already have those books?

A: If you already have the books, please remember that we are doing this for charity. You can give your book to a friend, or you can donate it. We also accept book donations that we will insert in the bookmail and this will add more to the profit which will add more donation to an organization. 🙂

* What if I purchase a bookmail but changed my mind, can I get a refund?

A: You will be given time to pay for your purchase. If not paid, we will consider it cancelled. If you have paid, you have until the Sunday of that week to inform us you want to cancel, because we will ship the books every Monday of each week. Refunds will not be made after shipment.

* How will we know the profits are being forwarded to charity?

A: Every end of the month or when we reach a target amount, we will post the total of the profits. After that, we will organize a way to send the donation to the chosen organization, or we will personally visit some organizations which are geographically close to us. We will then post proof such as deposit slips, checks, a certificate of receipt, or photos of us doing donations and etc to the multiple social media sites we are active on. 🙂

* (I am an author, a celebrity, a politician, a VIP, an important person or just one of the normal muggles) and I want to donate a book/ swag / money, how?

A: If you want to donate a book or swag, please contact us. As for donating money, we highly recommend for you to buy a bookmail instead –  but if you do insist, please contact us as well.

* Do you ship internationally?

A: We are now shipping worldwide via Express Mail Service. This takes 7-14 days to arrive with tracking numbers so it may range from USD33 and up depending on your location.

We accept payments from international buyers through the ff:
> paypal
> Xoom
> Western Union

Please message for more info

* How to order? Mode of payment? Shipping fees?

A: If you want to order, simply message us the following on our facebook page (private message, our message box is open to all)

  • Name
  • Address
  • email address
  • mobile phone number
  • BOOKMAIL OPTION (choose from above)
  • Payment Options (choose from below)
    • BDO
    • BPI
    • G-cash
    • Palawan/Cebuana/LBC/Western Union
    • Paypal (international Customers only)
    • Xoom (international Customers only)

After you pass your form, you will be given a set date (usually 3 days after you pass your form) to complete payment and send in proof for verification. All these details will be sent via email or through fb message.

Please take note:

The usual prices of these books are:

signed books depend on the authors

preloved books: $2 – 6+  (PHP 100 – PHP 300+)

hardcover brand new books: $14+ (PHP 650+)

paperback brand new books: $10+ (PHP 450+)

shipping fees via 2go in the PH: PHP 120 – PHP 200

The rest of the amount from the prices will be considered profit after packaging, shipping, swag and etc.

Please take note that shipping fee within the Philippines in each bookmail is included, but this is via 2go shipping only. If you wish to have it shipped via LBC or any other couriers, please leave a message below.


* How can I know that my books have been shipped already?

A: We will post all tracking numbers at a separate page. We will ship your bookmails every Monday of each week. You will then receive your bookmails 2-3 days after we ship them out depending on your locations.

* We will take orders all throughout the month, however the list of books that you can choose from are limited in stock only so the “CHOOSE” option for the other bookmails are limited in number only. 


  • Pass an order through FB Message on our page
  • You are given 3 days to pay for your order
  • Once paid, and once we verify your order – we will ship your order on the following Monday. (We will ship out all paid and verified orders every Monday of each week.)
  • Shipping usually takes only 2-3 days. If provincial, please give 3-5 days allowance. For international, give it at least 2 weeks to arrive.

* I want to recommend a charity organization, how?

A: Please contact us.


One Response to Palabasalibro BOOKMAIL

  1. Thet Gueco says:

    Now this is awesome. At first I thought I can’t afford it since I’m still studying and doesn’t have job but then I saw that you have a bookmailm option as low as 500 pesos! Kudos!

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