The King’s Avatar by Butterfly Blue Review

** This review is a bit long because the book is just too good **

The King’s Avatar, also known as Quan Zhi Gao Shou (全职高手) is a Chinese novel written by 蝴蝶蓝Hu Die Lan also known as Butterfly Blue. This novel is very popular to the point that it even has it’s own anime and drama series.


I am a bit excited to write this review that I took days to complete this and publish it. After I finished reading the English translated one in webnovel (FINALLY! it is complete), I had to re-read some parts because I wanted to showcase how clever the author wrote this novel through the characters especially through the protagonist, Ye xiu.

After I read the authors note at the end, I found out that the author took three years and two months writing this novel (from February 28, 2011 – April 28, 2014). And it is truly a masterpiece if I say so myself.

I started reading this novel June 3 2018 (according to the timestamp on webnovel – there is one, you have to check. LOL) and it took me 1 year, 4 months, 18 days to finish it while simultaneously waiting for the translations to come out. It really tests your patience to wait for the translated chapters (patience which I don’t have a lot of btw. HAHA) but I am really thankful to the translators for the effort to update each and every chapter. I did try to read the raws several times using google translate, but I got headaches trying to figure out which character they were talking about. (Try it, you could get an overall picture of what’s happening, but not that clear.)

TKA is the first ever Chinese novel I have ever read. My brother was the one who recommended it. He first gave me the anime which I was hesitant to check out at first but the plot just got to me. A pro-player forced to retire and wants to comeback to face-slap people along the way? Count me in! The anime also had very good graphics and they stayed true to the story which is very important. Then when I got frustrated because the anime was just too short, he told me it was a novel which I immediately delved into. And so that was the start of me reading Chinese novels…

To my surprise, it was really good. To the point I was binge reading over a hundred chapters a day, sometimes even with no sleep. LOL And until I got to the latest translated chapter, I re-read it again. Several times over. Again, it was just too good, superb, outstanding, terrific! :’)

The TKA novel revolves around an online competitive game called Glory. Ye xiu, is a pro-player in his mid twenties to which others view as old and in his “twilight years”  in the pro league. Which is why at the start of the novel, he got stripped of his position and account card and was forced to retire from the game he gave years of his life for.

“If you like it, then treat this all as glory, and not as boasting.”

What follows after that are his struggles and hardship (if you can call it that) in starting over from scratch in hopes of making a comeback. Practically the whole novel is about it, but you have to read it all to witness the ingenious and brilliant ways he came up with to reach his goals.

I wanted to go into detail for the characters, but there are too many. I’ll just stick with our protagonist, Ye Xiu.


Ye Xiu/ Ye Qiu. A top tier pro-player, known to many as textbook of Glory and known as one of the Four Master Tacticians. His most proficient class is a Battle mage, but he can play any class. 

I never thought I would get to love a shameless character until I read this novel. He isn’t really proud or arrogant, he is just too good at what he does that it can make others speechless (even Huang Shaotian. HAHA). He also makes a lot of people angry because he is too straightforward and sarcastic which make up several funny chapters in the novel.

“We don’t need a Cleric.” Ye Xiu said.

Instant kill!

This was an instant kill!

A five word instant kill!

The previously lively Endless night went speechless. 

Endless Night just stood there like a statue and saw the party go into the dungeon. 

He has also face-slapped several people without doing it deliberately. He just really plays his game too good and even in the most frustrating times, he remains calm and patient.

Ye Xiu is also the only one who can call several captains their nicknames because of his seniority over most of them. Also a moderator in the pro-player chat group which is a must read chapter. One of my favorites. LOL

“Did they hear that correctly? He didn’t say he wasn’t able to, he only said he’d have trouble.”

One thing I really liked about Ye Xiu is that he never says something is impossible. In his mind, he probably would have several ways to counter something or to do something. And even if it seems impossible to some, he would give his two cents and try.

From starting over, to leveling up, to collecting materials and stealing bosses, he would have several amazing ideas. Then from playing one on one to leading 5-players, 10-players, 20-players to a hundred players dungeon, he would have several tactics in play, really eye-opening and brilliant ways that would leave you in awe.

This novel has 1728 chapters in total. And all chapters are a must read. you wouldn’t want to miss anything, and I really mean any ingenious play he has hidden in his sleeves.

And if you are dismayed of the 1728 chapters, please don’t. I promise you that you will love it. The novel is fun to read and very entertaining. It will make you laugh, cheer on the teams, and make you cry too.

This novel is perfect for those who like fantasy, action, and comedy. Even more if you like gaming and e-sports. 

Let me share some of my favorite parts of the novel below.

One of my favorite parts in the novel is when he tells people he is Ye Qiu, which they didn’t believe.

“Brother, you’re not kind! Did you trick us by using a guide?”

I wouldn’t. I wrote that guide.” Ye |Xiu said. 

“Who wrote that guide?” (Endless Night asks his guildmate)

“One Autumn Leaf” 

“What are you boasting for. That guide was written by the God Ye Qiu.”

“Right, that’s me!”

The greatest BOSS in all of Glory.

“After dinner, there’ll be one more practice.” Wang Jiexi announced to the entire team.

“What practice?” 

“Kill a BOSS.” Wang jiexi said.

“BOSS? What BOSS?” 

“The greatest BOSS in the history of Glory.” Wang Jiexi said. 

“Our target, the player Lord Grim. Everyone, don’t be careless. It’s very likely that this player is the retired Ye Qiu.” Wang Jiexi announced the purpose of their added practice. 


“You’re not afraid these children are going to be mentally traumatized?” Ye Xiu said.

And there are a lot more of moments like these. Just pick up the novel, I assure you that you won’t regret it. 🙂


A Million Glory-fied, amazing, brilliant, fantastic, ingenious STARS 


This is truly a masterpiece of a novel. My hats off to the author.

*Currently, the anime is set to have a season 2, and the movie is also set to realease this November in several South East Asia theaters. The Chinese drama is available to watch on Netflix, I am not sure though if they will continue? For the novel, the main novel is complete in webnovel. The translators are currently uploading the prequel side stories to this novel. Hopefully the author can also continue the novel cause I really want to see that China team play. 😀 *.

And as a reader, I would like to thank the several translators who worked together to finish the translations, cause without them, I would have died of blood-loss from all the nosebleeds in reading through google translate. LOL And to note, the translators started to translate and publish it at webnovel April 18 2017 until October 21, 2019. That is 2 years, 6 months, 3 days excluding the end date. My hats off to all of you.

You can read the novel here: WEBNOVEL 


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Full Marks Hidden Marriage review

Let me share to you the novel that made my 2018. This will be me going on and on about a really beautiful novel that I think bookworms should know exist. So this will be a very long post.

It was also one of the reasons why I missed a lot of classes, forgot a few errands and plenty of sleep. Because well, it is exactly 2165 chapters long and I wanted to finish it. Devour it, even.

If you are discouraged because of the 2165 chapters – please don’t. Cause the chapters are pretty short and very entertaining.

When I started out this novel, it was only translated and uploaded to about 1000+ something and not completely translated yet, but it was too good to put down. Yes – it is translated from a Chinese novel, but the translators did a really good job. I even got to a point where I finished all the translated chapters and had to wait (in fact, all chapters were mass released by the translators just this January 1 2019 – and of course, you can guess what I did for New Year’s. LOL) and if you know me, I hate waiting and cliff hangers the most.

Of course, I didn’t exactly wait months for certain chapters – it was that gripping. I searched for the raw novels uploaded somewhere in cyber China and created an account (yes, I got to that point – don’t judge me) and even paid for access to read the raws where Google translate did its part. Although some translations of Google were confusing and I probably got several nosebleeds trying to piece everything together, but I did finish the raws too, months before the translators ever finished uploading the complete novel online.

PS. Folow this link to read the novel online. and look for Full Marks Hidden Marriage. It has a comic too but the comic is not completed yet.

So enough of that, and let me tell you more about why this novel is one you should pick up.

First, I know a lot of romantics these days (ever since Fifty Shades blew up anyway) are looking for heroes who are billionaire rich guys – and this novel has that! And he is very dreamy; he really beat Christian Grey (at least for me).

Lu Tingxiao. He comes from the Lu family is the current head of the family. Lu family is one of the wealthiest and most influential families around. He is also depicted as a very scary person and no one wants to go on his bad side. He is usually emotionless and expressionless, like an ice sculpture. He exudes tremendous pressure that has everyone shaking, except for his family, of course. He also avoids girls – he just doesn’t like them, until of course he meets our heroine. Everything changed.


“Lu Tingxiao was Jing City’s famous God of Fortune. His existence was like a king sans a crown!”

“Lu Tingxiao was the kind of beauty even the most gorgeous of woman might have never seen before.”

Second, we have a heroine (Ning Xi) who has a spine of steel. Very charming and so cool you’d want to be her. Swear.

Ning Xi is an aspiring actress who is truly unlucky given the circumstances of her life. Until she meets Lu Tingxaio, everything seems to fall into place.

Ning Xi: seeing the two people behind her, one big and one small, Ning Xi’s heart felt full. After being alone for so long, it was the first time she experienced such warm feelings.

Also, there are a lot of colourful characters in this novel who should have their own book too if the author ever got around to it. Too much potential for a lot of characters to have their own love lines here. Really. Seriously. (You just have to meet them when you start this story)

One of the characters that made the book special is Lu Jingli. Lu Tingxiao’s brother. You got to love him. He’s a meddler and a gossip. He’s also one of the reasons why the book ended up being funny as hell. Plus he is usually the one who points out  times when Lu Tingxiao is jealous or have never done before. And he is the only one who gets away with teasing his brother.

Lu Jingli: Amazing. Who knew his brother could use such a high-end technique, timing a disadvantage into an advantage. That would take out all obstacles on the path to winning Ning Xi over.

Lu Jingli: You two haven’t even started dating, what gives you the right to look like you want to massacre all her exes?

Another one is baby Little Treasure, who is also called Little Bun. Lu Tingxiao’s son. He becomes an adorable addition in this book. At first, he comes across as spoiled since he has all the Lu’s falling over themselves to please him. His history will be explained in the book – and your suspicions might be right, you just have to pick up that book to find out. His parts in the book also makes a lot of precious moments and makes “family time” for our protagonists which will make your heart melt.


Little Treasure: (gives Ning Xi a phone number)

Ning Xi: Ah, is this your phone number? I’ll definitely call.

Lu Tingxiao: (Little Treasure didn’t have a phone. What number did he give her? My number! He really is my son!)

The book is told in different perspectives. So you get an insight to almost what everyone is thinking. Even the antagonists’ which will make you hate them more.

What I absolutely love about this novel is that it’s really made for fangirls like me. There are certain scenes where you’ll just be super giddy (kilig – if you’re Filipino) over this couple. I will be quoting or summarizing a few scenes here too and if those don’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will. So there will be a few spoilers here (of course not a lot – just enough to make you want to pick up that book – or click that novel anyway)

One of their first interactions (summary below)

“Ning Xi saves Little Bun.

Lu Tingxiao: state your request.

Ning xi: I don’t want anything…

Lu Tingxiao: (looks on looking scary)

Ning Xi: How about you give me money?

Lu tingxiao: (feels insulted. Continues looking scary)

Lu tingxiao: Marry Me.

Ning Xi: Cough cough cough…. What did you say?

…. A few minutes later….

Ning Xi: Don’t you like men?

Lu Tingxiao: (gets up) Let me prove my true sexual orientation Miss Ning

Ning Xi: (My life is over!)


Lu tingxiao: So because other people are afraid of me, you are afraid of me? Then all other women want to marry me, but why don’t you?

Ning Xi: Do you know what kind of person I am? Do you know my past?

Lu Tingxiao: The one I wan to marry is the present you. Your past has nothing to do with me.


^ This is one of the reasons why I got addicted to this book. It was just so funny I couldn’t put it down. At first, I thought maybe I’d read a few chapters in and stop (just to see what it’s all about). But I got hooked. Line. Sinker. Believe me, I got my 40+ aunt to read it and she called me up at 11PM to ask me where the continuation was. She got hooked too. I told her it wasn’t completed yet (at that time, months ago) and I laughed at her for it. LOL I also gave this to my cousin to read, and the same thing happened. So I want to share this to you to lure more fishes. HAHA! But you can rest assured, it’s finished, completed now.

Ning Xi is a fighter. She doesn’t want anyone to help her and does not like to owe people, which makes Lu Tingxiao help her behind the scenes. Yes stealthily and behind the scenes, he just doesn’t want any attention when he saves her and Ning Xi just finds out about it later on and realizes the lengths Lu Tingxiao goes for her. (Which would make you adore Lu Tingxao more.) I loved how these two are so down to earth even when they have a lot to brag about. And there is a lot of bragging by the opponents here and a lot of “face-slapping” which are the best part.


Lu tingxiao certainly has his moments. Especially the parts where he spoils his girl.


LTX gives NX keys to his home.

NX: wait wait… Mr. Lu, you’re being a bit too carefree! Aren’t you scared I’ll rob you?

LTX: What do you want? I’ll find someone to help you move it. (looking completely serious, he didn’t look like he was joking at all)

NX: (coughs) I’m just joking… It was a joke…

LTX gives her car keys.


For Lu Tingxiao’s part, it was insta-love.

The moment he picked her up in his arms in the bar storeroom, he had felt complete, as if she had been the one thing that had been missing before in his world.

He wanted her, all of her, for his own and did not want to wait one second more. He couldn’t afford to lose her, so waiting was his only option.

There will also be sensitive topics in the book. But later on you will realize that what happened was different and unexpected. Definitely a lot of twists and turns in this book.

Seriously, pick up the book. (link below) Read at least until chapter 50 – 60 to get the feel of our protagonists and make a decision to continue or not. I think their charms would show through by those chapters.

The real romance between hero and heroine starts a few hundred chapters more, the previous chapters will just get you warmed up but you will certainly get the feels. You shouldn’t miss anything. This starts slow but really worth it.

LTX: No one was allowed to bully his girl. Not even her own father.


A very funny, entertaining, dramatic, heartbreaking and action-packed novel. If you like Korean/Chinese dramas, you’d really love this book. How I wish they will make this novel a drama – but I’m scared they might ruin it. LOL



5 Heart-melting Stars


PS. Folow this link to read the novel online. and look for Full Marks Hidden Marriage. It has a comic too but the comic is not completed yet.


(If you’ve picked up this novel, feel free to comment below and tell us what you think)

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Royally Endowed by Emma Chase review

“If a man can’t keep those most precious to him safe… he doesn’t deserve them.”

I’ve waited for Emma Chase’s next book since I read Royally screwed. And this one was worth the wait. Each couple in the Royally series is unique and had their own quirks, but still has the same Emma Chase signature. Hilarious, sweet, and very romantic. These “Royal” men are just one of a kind and practically perfect.

“When you look at her, does the whole world just sort of… fade away? And she’s the only thing you see? The only thing you ever want to see?”

Logan is not like the other heroes in the book, where they were princes – he was just one of the ‘help’. Bodyguard – to be more specific. But that does not mean he isn’t as charming as the rest of them, which made him a prince in my book. And I loved that the author didn’t keep the Royally series just for royalty.

I also loved Ellie, ever since Royally Screwed. She was brave, confident and had a free soul – and still was in this book. Although the story revolved around a bodyguard tasked to save her, she didn’t at all cower and be the damsel in distress, she was her own person, who was smart enough to know what she wanted.

This book is like an all-star of the Royally series. We not only see our main characters, but Prince Nicholas and Olivia, but also Prince Henry, and Sarah and the Queen which added to the entertainment. Also, how the princes acted in this book just proved how much in love they are with their wives, and gave us a glimpse of a bigger ‘happily ever after’ than what we were given before.

This book was not only romantic, fun, sexy and hot – they are also emotional. Not ugly cry books – but they will definitely pull some of your heartstrings. Trust me, the trifecta of “Royal” men in this book will just make you swoon.

So, if you haven’t read any book from the Royally series yet – you should probably start now. And swoon away. 😉

5 knightly stars

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Famous by Default by M.K. Harkins review

Rock stars – or the brother of three rock stars. At first I didn’t want to read the book because I’d rather read about the rock stars rather than the one not in the spotlight, but I’m glad I picked it up and started it – because once I did that, I couldn’t stop.

All the characters were so easy to love, and Jax, most of all. His family was also a blast, though a little on the weird and adorable side – I still have no complaints.

Sivan, on the other hand, was weird in her own way. Struggling with her losses and the things she had been through, she wore those on her sleeves, which is why I didn’t connect with her much. I liked her as the heroine – she had a backbone and would stand up for herself and funny, but her walls were her down falls for me. And up to the last chapters, I didn’t feel that she deserved Jax because after the accident and thinking she lost Jax, she treated him like nothing and mourned by herself. That was a BIG letdown of her character for me.

This book really put me on a spin, in a really good way. There were good laughs, and awful tears, but most of all; I’m hopeful that this isn’t the last book with these characters. Hopefully, the author will write about the other Jayne brothers, I’m sure I would love that. They were a blast and I want more!


4 Adorable Stars

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Ninja Girl by Cookie O’Gorman review

When I first read Adorkable, I got hooked. So seeing as Ash from Adorkable will be here in Ninja Girl also, of course I got baited to read it. And I am so glad I did.
This book made me feel like I dropped into a multi-cultural world. It was interesting and as weird as it somewhat came out in a few scenes, I just can’t help but enjoy it. It was good.
This book would be perfect for teenagers who love to read fan fictions and Wattpad. Not only does this have a handsome, popular, jock hero – this book has a tough, kick-ass heroine, hence the title of ‘Ninja Girl’.
There’s just a right amount of feels, bad-ass-ery, and romance in this book with an extra kick of suspense and mystery.

4 stars

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Wife, For a While by Lorna Baldwin review

What’s weirder than planning a wedding for a man without a fiance? Agreeing to be his fiance.”

When I got the request to review this book, I was giddy to start it since the plotline is one I mostly read. One of my favorite concepts, really. So when I received the book, I dug in almost immediately.

The thing about the wealthy man looking for a bride-for-hire is that it’s almost like a Cinderella story. You’d also have an almost Fifty Shades concept in there somewhere what with the rich throwing their weight around. This story is no different, but what makes this book distinctive are the characters in it.

Our heroine, Jolene, is a feisty one. And I really liked her from the first few chapters I read. She just doesn’t take any shit from anyone, and definitely has a good head on her shoulders.

Our hero, Benton, on the other hand, I have a lot of reservations about. A billionaire whose work was mostly to party and fool around, I’m not sure by the end of the story if he kicked his habit ‘cause I’m not sure it was mentioned in the book (if it was, I missed it). I also didn’t like that he didn’t work for what he mostly had. He had a charity set up, sure – but he really didn’t work. Old money or not, I’m not that ‘charmed’ with him. But kudos to him, he won me over some with his surprise wedding gift too.

The book, overall, was really good. When I started it, it was a bit wordy for my tastes that I thought the characters would get lost in their own heads, but that wasn’t really the case. It was a bit too descriptive, but in a good way.

Now the story was really interesting and sweet. There really wasn’t that big of a fight in the climax, but I sort of liked it that way. I also liked the fact that the characters really talked and settled their misunderstandings rather than have the space and distance thing that would complicate things.

I don’t believe their story is over yet. I, for one, wanted a very good epilogue down the road, maybe a ‘years later’ sort of thing. Some issues also needed closure, like Benton’s habit, will he eventually work, will Jolene be really accepted by not only his family but his social class – those sort of issues.

If you love Melody Anne, Ruth Cardello and Jessica Clare, then you’ll love Lorna Baldwin too. I truly can’t believe this is the author’s first book, it’s written very well. . I believe the author also hints of a second book, but maybe for Lars? And I’m really looking forward for it, I also hope we see this couple in there too to get a glimpse of their future.


4 Delightful Stars


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Paper Princess by Erin Watt review

I heard a lot about this series and it got me curious so I decided to read it. I must say they weren’t wrong to rave about this; it’s good – so good that I couldn’t put it down.


There were so many things going on here, a lot of twists and surprises that it was like a Japanese or Korean drama unfolding and I was so giddy I kept devouring it until I reached the painful cliffhanger on the last page. And was I glad that I started this with the whole series already complete.


The Royals. They were so easy to love. Even with the cold shoulders they were giving off, I couldn’t help but be drawn to their complexity. And Ella, a heroine with a backbone and a brain. I loved her from the start even with all the ironies presented – she just kept on through.


Paper Princess is a mix of the modern Cinderella tale with modern royalty and the complications that come with the rich and powerful. This book is about loss, love, friendship and family.


4 Excessive Stars

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Stay by Emily Evans review

“You said you don’t want to look at me across a family table if we break up.”
“I don’t want to look over at you at the same table and think we didn’t even try.”

I’ve read several Emily Evans book and this one did not disappoint.
It’s a different one though, than what I have read from her, but also similar – if that makes any sense.
There’s not much angst in here like what we get in high school themed books, but we have two very good lead characters here which makes the trouble and anxiety aspect not really necessary.
Rich guy, jock, cheerleader, and living together? It’s like an awesome anime coming to life in the pages of the book. It was very entertaining; especially since our heroine sort of has no filter on her which makes her a bit naïve but you will still like her.
I’d like to know Niko and Hope’s history though. Their love was really evident throughout the book and I can’t help but wonder if they already had a book or if one is in the works as a prologue? I hope so.


Set in high school, this book is about family, friendship, rules and consequences, new beginnings and love. Perfect for the hopeless teenage romantics who like to read fan fiction. 😉


4 Greek Stars

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Iron King by Julie Kagawa

One world, Two realms.

Two kingdoms. Three Hearts.


This series had been on my bookshelf for a while. I finally picked it up the other day and I cannot believe I never thought to open this series until recently.


I did not expect to be blown away from the first book of the series alone. It was so easy to envision this world because it’s mostly a mix of every imagination we have, every fairytale and story in history mixed into the modern world that you can just picture it on your mind and get drawn in.

From the characters down to the different worlds, I seriously have no complaints. Even my hatred for love triangles, which was evident in the plot, cannot dim the high I got from reading this book. And oh, the characters were so easy to love. I look forward to the mention of Ash and Puck since those two made the book really fun to read.

“Do not lose your heart to a faery prince. It never ends well.”

For those looking for young adult, paranormal romance – look no further. Iron Fey series is definitely a must read.


5 Puck stars


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Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova review

From the creator of Air Awakens series, comes another unique world, a Kick-ass heroine, and a thrilling quest.

Alchemists of Loom. The book started really slow for me. Maybe it is because we are being introduced to another new world that I found it difficult to get sucked into the book, but the first chapters were a bit confusing and rough. Since I was reading on the kindle version, the introductions on the class system they had in this world was not on the first few pages of the copy. So I had no idea what I was getting into, no ‘legend’ to base on what these characters were talking about, how the names of the Dragons should have been said, or what kind of people they are. It was hard to relate to the story those first few parts of the book. (Later, I found these things at the last part of the book – and since I don’t really skip to the last parts when I read, I wished it still placed on the first few pages of the book. I suggest you look into that before starting this one to help you get into the story.)

Further into the book though, I had the hang of it. Though still barely grasping this new world, you will get the gist of the quest and will get fond of our new heroes.

A Dragon King’s reign, a dragon’s dream world, and a woman’s vengeance. This book has a lot of twists and surprises. Don’t forget the author’s penchant for cliffhangers because she will really make you curious for what comes next.

I must say Elise Kova has a knack of creating new worlds. Definitely a world young adult and fantasy seekers out there should venture into.


4 tattooed stars

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